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Court Agrees to Rush DOJ’s Appeal in Trump Special Master Case

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

The Department of Justice (DOJ) secured a victory when a federal appeals court agreed to expedite its appeal over the appointment of a special master to review materials seized during a raid of former President Trump’s Florida home.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit released a one-page order that set a new timeline for the case, ordering that multiple rounds of paper briefs by the DOJ and Trump conclude by Nov. 17.

Recently the federal appeals court handed the DOJ a separate victory by agreeing to partially block a judge’s order that would have halted federal investigators from reviewing 100 classified documents that were among the records taken in August from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. 

On Tuesday, Trump asked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has jurisdiction over the 11th Circuit, to vacate the stay, which allowed the DOJ to continue its review of the seized documents.

In August, the FBI raided the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence, seizing thousands of pages of documents alleged to have been illegally removed from the White House.

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the materials alleged to contain national security details and whether the former president violated the Espionage Act through his mishandling of the materials. However, the former president has claimed all of the materials found in Mar-a-Lago were previously declassified.

In September, Florida-based federal Judge Aileen Cannon granted the former president’s request for the appointment of a third party, known as a special master, to determine if the seized materials exceeded the scope of the warrant or contained any information subject to attorney-client or executive privilege. 

At the time, Judge Cannon also ordered federal agents to suspend their review of the seized materials to allow the special master’s work to proceed which was later halted by the 11th Circuit while the DOJ’s formal appeal continues.


  1. The crooked DOJ and FBI and with Biden’s orders will do anything to get Trump out of the way of this mid-term and the election of a new President. They have been after him for years and then doing anything they can to get him now. It is totally uncalled for.

    • Biden’s orders? He does not have enough on the ball. Sometimes they have to do what he says, most days he does what he’s told. It’s way above his head…probably George Soros or someone who does not have Alzheimers.

  2. I’m sick and tired of hearing how rotten the democrats are in so many ways. I wouldn’t trust any of them. For many years I was a democrat and voted for them. But seeing and hearing how much cheating, lying, and under handed they are, I’m a shamed of all of them. They won’t get my vote. If anyone votes for any of them, they need to have their eyes, ears and head examined. It seems our president is the worst of the bunch. Working with the communists of China is outrageous. The FBI is as bad. They covered up for Hunter and the rest of the Biden’s. They all make me ashamed to say they are Americans. Nothing more then common thieves.


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