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America is at War with a ‘Woke Regime’ at Home – and Enemies Abroad

Marjorie Taylor Greene -Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – As the political, cultural, and geographic battle lines for a 2nd American civil war, or ‘national divorce,’ continue to be drawn, the question is – are we already fighting this war? 

To some, this war already began. 

For the right, we are ‘at war’ against a ‘woke Biden regime, just as the Left was ‘at war’ against an ‘illegitimate Trump regime.’

But it’s about far more than that. It’s about the ever-widening ideological chasm between right and left.

We are at a crossroads in defining what America still is or will be. And the battle for that already began and is about to get much hotter.

And the timing couldn’t be worse, as America faces mounting threats from abroad – especially the increasing likelihood of full scale war with our most powerful enemy to date – Communist China.

But even as we prepare for a looming war in Asia, and supply an ongoing war in Europe, the risk of war at home may also be growing.

Most recently podcaster Michele Tafoya posted an excerpt from a recent essay, which explains how Republican politicians should combat “woke tyranny.” 

The essay, by John Fonte and Thomas Klingenstein, rightly focuses on shaping public opinion in this new homegrown political war, but the implications for deeper conflict are clear.

And here is where the intellectual battle lines are being drawn:

The enemy is the ‘woke regime.’ The word “regime” is important, because it suggests an all-out, comprehensive assault on the American way of life…

Why “Americanists” vs. “woke revolutionaries” and not, say, “conservatives” vs. “progressives”?

These latter names suggest we are in a normal policy dispute within the traditional context of American politics, in which both sides accept the legitimacy of the American regime. We are not in such a context. We are not living in the bygone world of Reagan vs. Mondale. We are in a war.”

A friend and colleague at the Center for American Defense Studies (CADS), Lt General Robert Spalding, a well-known China threat expert, also agreed with this sentiment when he replied with his own tweet:

“This is not America vs America. This is America’s enemies + the woke regime vs America…”

In his tweet, Spalding emphasizes the link between our deadly enemies abroad and our radical enemies at home.

Of course, the establishment media will focus on, and try to denigrate, the right’s new ‘resistance’ narrative.

But let’s recall what the Left now wants us to forget – that just 3 years ago, far-left Democrats were the ones frantically championing the idea of undermining and resisting a duly elected president Donald Trump, calling his election illegitimate and won by Russians.

And that leftist ‘resistance’ was real. 

It was both in the halls of power were federal employees regularly violated the Constitution, their oaths of office, and the law by actively subverting the policies of the President, and in the streets where tens of thousands of violent leftist rioters burned and looted cities across America, railing as much against Trump as for any social justice cause.

These same Democrat progressives (aka left-wing extremists) also advocated for secession for different states, including a ‘Calexit’ for California, as an alternative to remaining in a country run by an allegedly illegitimate, racist, misogynist, Russian agent POTUS.

Respected experts even argued in favor of a coup against Trump to save America.

But to the Left it was more than just Trump, it was the entire traditional, religious, conservative, family centered, free market America they hated and could no longer accept.

And now the right agrees, but for the opposite reasons. We can’t accept the anti-religious, neo-Marxist, anti-white, family destroying, radical Trans, socialist America they are trying to forcefully create and impose.

On the right, the conflict most clearly came into sharp relief with the January 6 riot – itself an angry product of four years of anti-Trump resistance, bogus Russia investigations, and even more bogus impeachments.

But that too was always about more than just about Trump or any belief that the 2020 election was ‘stolen.’

It was also about feeling overwhelmed by radical leftist ideas infecting our youth, socialism being imposed by executive order, illegal aliens invading our cities and neighborhoods, and crime taking over our streets.

It wasn’t about ‘white rage’ as the clueless Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley once mused.

It was about America being radically transformed for the worse, against our will.

These feelings of being oppressed and overwhelmed, along with a belief that the system is rigged against traditionalists, political and religious conservatives, and free marketeers, have only gotten worse under Joe Biden.

Biden’s aggressive push for neo-Marxist, anti-white, anti-American, Critical Race Theory (CRT) propaganda, and an extremist LGBT (primarily radical Trans) agenda in our schools, government, and even the Pentagon, under the terms ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ (aka ‘woke’) have created a severe backlash.

Add to this the massive overreach by the federal government in several areas, such as effectively opening our southern border to mass illegal immigration, canceling $1 trillion in student debt at taxpayer expense without Congressional approval, and a host of other areas, and we have a recipe for disaster.

And with the increasingly ideological and partisan weaponization of federal law enforcement agencies against conservatives, Catholics and other traditionalists, we have a recipe for civil conflict.

But there is an alternative to ‘civil war.’

This is why Rep Marjorie Green talks about a constitutionally acceptable ‘national divorce,’ where traditional Americans and their radically reimagined former brethren can peacefully live their widely divergent lives in distinctly separate blue and red states.

With a much reduced federal government as intended by our founders, both sides could live without fear of either a future Trump or Biden quashing them under the oppressive boot of any regime.

This peaceful national break up, may be the best and only hope to avoid real civil war. And I will be writing about this option a lot more.

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  1. I am very much in favor of a Confederation of States now. The Federal Government has gotten to big for its own britches. The obviously can’t balance a check book and are committing fraud, theft and TREASON against the American people.
    Many veterans and people I know are reaching their breaking points. CIVIL WAR is on the horizon if drastic change doesn’t happen or the National Divorce doesn’t happen.

  2. Ho and Joe are trying to pull America into liberal leftwing socialist communist totalitarianism as fast as they can. If they continue we won’t have free elections ever. The Socialist Communist Democrat Party was in charge of the corrupt election we experienced in 2020. When their horse and pony show won in many precincts precincts by more votes than there even were people including children, you know something was rigged. They messed it up so much that even some very few honest Democrats were trying to change the numbers in order that it would not look so obvious. Thank God He sees and will bring judgement upon Democrats who perpetrated this scandal either in this life in some way or definitely when they are cast into hell in the Great Judgement Day. Of course their platform that states there is no God shows what Satanist they are, but they will soon find out. Eternity I hell awaits most of them.

  3. Wow, terrific thoughts and expressions. I do not know who wrote this peice, but it is incredibly insightful.
    Now, down to facts…. Yes, the current environment (and the last 6+ years) actually calls for a “Civil war”. But that is not necessary to regain our soverieny.
    Look, this is not about bad idealogoy, it is about bad actors that mislead us. 90% of Americans want nothing to do with the nonsence that has been created by those that wish to tear the whole thing down. We are raising children and Grand Children, and just want the whole bunch of BS to stop. So, yes, I agree that there is a maybe 10% of the population that agree we should have another set of ideals. But, that is not how it works. The majority rules.
    Now, in government, the majority does rule. However, when the majority is taken over by decietful means and creates a syphon of both priviate money and public money to their own gains, the buck must stop somewhere. I know not where it should.
    However, that is where I begin to reverse myself in thought. Maybe civil war is the only option. I’m still contemplating, as we all should be.
    But, givine the situation that our current government has put us in, it doesn’t seem like a wise choice at this time.

  4. To take back America, we need to clean house from top to bottom.We have incredible rot and decay working in our government. Thie entire administration is they same that obuthead had working for him. Every department has been corrupted by obuthead and bidens administration, Trump never had a chance to get rid of alot of the swamp rats, and commie rats inside many departments. It’s even worse now because no one is running the government it seems,joe doesn’t know where he is,or what he is talking about. He’s just a complete,pathetic,embarrassment to america and allies. Don’t ever laugh at someone that has died from fentinal, especially from the same family.U demented,sick,mentally unfit,senile,old,puppet fool. apologize to the woman u laughed at after talking about her sons dying from poisons,fentinal

  5. The red and blue divide is mainly an urban/rural divide. Largely as it was 160 years ago, a red/blue partition will also mean an industrial and wealth versus an agricultural and poverty division. All the money will be with the blues, and hence all the power. The blue/red relationship is symbiotic and intertwined. Like conjoined twins they cannot be separated without major surgery. We already have all the evidence needed that there is nothing here that can be resolved by voting.


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