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‘What is a Woman’ Question Derails Georgetown University Event


ANALYSIS – I wish I would have been there to watch, but it appears that the recent ‘Trans Rights’ panel at the prestigious Georgetown University in DC, the nation’s oldest ‘Catholic’ institution, and my alma mater, turned into a bit of a train wreck when a reporter had the temerity to ask, “what is a woman?”

This, of course, produced gasps of incredulity among the brain-washed students and guests in attendance in the historic Gaston Hall, who couldn’t believe the question was even asked. It also led to the diligent reporter’s expulsion from the event.

The question ‘what is a woman’ has gained fame thanks to the Matt Walsh documentary by the same name.

See Walsh’s full documentary here on Rumble.

The Georgetown event, titled “Trans Rights in America,” took place on Sept. 26 and was organized by College Democrats in apparent opposition to a speech about “the dictatorship of minorities” being given by conservative commentator Michael Knowles from the Daily Wire.

The panel featured transgender Montana state Representative Zooey Zephyr, journalist Erin Reed, Oklahoma State Representative Mauree Turner, and activist Charlotte Clymer.

During the Q&A portion, reporter Elaad Eliahu approached the microphone and respectfully said there didn’t appear to be a consensus on terms.

“So, what is a woman?” he asked. “And if it is just self-identifying, then is there any limiting principle to that?”

Amid the nervous, indignant murmuring from the audience, Clymer offered to answer the question before asking Eliahu to provide his definition.

“I’m a journalist, so I came to ask you,” he replied.

“Well, I want to ask you: what is a woman?” Clymer said.

Eliahu said he believes it comes down to genetics and chromosomes.

“That’s interesting that you say that, because there are—” Clymer interrupted.

At that point, a woman in the audience told Eliahu, “I don’t think this is the venue.”

“I think the speaker is fine responding,” the reporter told the woman.

Clymer then said:

I’ll give a quick answer. There are cis-gender women with XY chromosomes, there are cis-gender men with XX chromosomes. Chromosomally, we can’t determine what a woman is. Biologically, it’s very hard to define. This is what we see over and over again.

Clymer’s answer is idiotic on every level, but he then attempted to claim that Eliahu hadn’t answered his question: “What really angers me about this question is that the people never seem to be able to give a straight answer themselves.”

“I just did,” Eliahu replied.

“Eh, you didn’t, though,” Clymer replied. “Because you just gave an answer that was literally just defined chromosomally, is what I’m saying.”

“OK, well, so what’s your definition of a woman?” Eliahu asked again.

“It sounds like you just got one, dude,” chimed a combative, if clueless, woman in the audience.

“Do you have a definition?” Eliahu asked again.

“I don’t,” Clymer concluded.

This is par for the course, since transgender activists, usually men pretending to be women, find it impossible to define what a woman is.

Meanwhile, the reason this panel was even organized was the talk at Georgetown by Knowles who in March also spoke at CPAC. That speech produced widespread backlash for its view of transgenderism as an assault on women. In that talk, Knowles correctly said:

If transgenderism is true — if men really can become women and women really can become men — then it is true for everybody of all ages. If transgenderism is false, as it is — if men and women really are different, as we are — then it is false for everybody, too. And if it is false, then we should not indulge it, especially since that indulgence requires taking away the rights and customs of so many people.

There can be no middle way in dealing with transgenderism. Transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely — the whole preposterous ideology, at every level.

Many on the Left howled that Knowles wanted to eradicate transgender people, but it was very clear that he referred to the insane anti-science ideology of transgenderism, not to any people.

People have a right to be insane. They just don’t have a right to impose their insanity on the rest of us. Unless you are the College Democrats at Georgetown University.

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