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Biden Wins Debate Coin Toss, Trump To Deliver Closing Remarks

CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

One more week…

The first presidential debate is nearly here and the details are being finalized.

On Thursday, CNN announced former President Trump will have the final word in next week’s first presidential debate after Joe Biden won the coin toss.

The Biden campaign won the coin toss, selecting tails, and choosing to pick the president’s standing position instead of reserving a speaking slot. Biden will stand on the right side of the stage from the viewer’s perspective, and Trump on the left.

Trump’s campaign decided to select to speak last, meaning Biden would be the first to give his closing argument.

Biden and Trump will be the only two candidates on the debate stage next Thursday night in Atlanta, CNN announced. Anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper have been selected as the moderators. Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not qualify for the debate stage

It’s the first of two debates agreed to by the candidates and will feature a number of new rules.

CNN said there will be two commercial breaks during the debate, and candidates will not be allowed to consult with other members of their campaign during that time.

The network also noted that candidates’ podiums and positions will be determined by a coin flip, their mics will be muted outside of speaking time, and they will only be provided with a pen, a notepad and a bottle of water.

There will be no opening statements. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will each have two minutes to answer questions — followed by one-minute rebuttals and responses to the rebuttals. Red lights visible to the candidates will flash when they have five seconds left, and turn solid red when time has expired. And each man’s microphone will be muted when it is not his turn to speak.

Candidates will not be allowed to bring props or prepared notes.

Additionally, for the first time in recent history, the debate between presidential contenders won’t have a studio audience.


  1. Biden will not debate. He will try to get out of this. The only way he can even try to debate is to be jacked up with meds. He should be given a drug test.


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