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Why Secret Service Officers Missed Intruder at Biden Official’s Home

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

ALERT – If you’re reading this on your cell phone, and you are a Secret Service agent or officer on duty, please stop and put away the phone – immediately. 

Otherwise, you can continue reading.

Ok. Now that we got that out of the way, we can inform you of how an intoxicated intruder was able to enter the home of Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor – Jake Sullivan – back in April.

While Sullivan isn’t particularly impressive (and I’m being gracious), he is one of Biden’s top national security officials. By virtue of his position, he is a very big deal.

He has direct access to the president, the White House, and to the nation’s most classified intelligence and national security information.

Terrorists or spies would love to get their hands on some of that stature, or just get into their homes undetected.

And one unidentified person did just that. But how?

Well, sadly the agents protecting Sullivan were distracted, at least in part, because they were using their personal cell phones while on duty.

 A scourge that is affecting most of society.

This is according to an internal investigation by the Secret Service.

The incident at Sullivan’s home occurred in the early morning hours. Sullivan reportedly confronted the intruder inside his home and later told investigators that he believed the person, who was later seen on surveillance video entering and exiting the property, was intoxicated and entered the home by mistake. 

Sullivan made the confused man leave his home and then went outside to tell the agents what happened.

Whether the intruder was really just a drunk nobody, or just pretending to be one, is still to be determined.

Meanwhile, Sullivan and his family were unharmed, but the Secret Service officers won’t be so lucky.

As CNN reported: “A law enforcement official familiar with the internal investigation said the agents on duty that night and their supervisors, are likely to be subject to disciplinary action, including an evaluation of whether they can maintain their federal security clearance, a requirement for their positions.”

So, basically, they could lose their jobs over this. And they probably should.

More importantly, the Secret Service, and all federal law enforcement agencies, and their private security contractors, must enforce rules limiting personal cell phone use while on duty.

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle appears to be doing just that when last week she ordered increased penalties for employees who violate agency policies while on duty, including the use of personal electronic devices on the job.

According to CNN, Cheatle ordered “disciplinary penalties be increased to up to 21-day suspensions, and up to removal for infractions that lead to operational failure. Those include for the use of personal phones or the use of alcohol while on assignments.”

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi stated:

We have zero tolerance for anything that jeopardizes operational success. While human errors may occur, what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to maintaining very high professional standards and ethics. This includes enhanced penalties for incidents involving alcohol and a strict policy regarding personal cell phone use while on duty.

Well, that’s a start. The Secret Service is our nation’s, and perhaps the world’s, leading dignitary protection agency. It simply can’t allow things like this to happen. 

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CNN Reporter Speaks Out Against CEO

    CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

    Everything is not well at CNN.

    CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy says staffers in the network’s ranks have lost faith in CEO Chris Licht who has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks.

    “There are a wide range of emotions coursing through the halls of CNN. Some staffers are frustrated. Others are angry. Many are sad about the awful state of affairs that has taken hold of an organization they love,” Darcy wrote in his Reliable Sources media newsletter late Monday. “There is one near-universal sentiment, however, that has been communicated to me: Licht has lost the room.”

    On Monday, Lichet reportedly apologized to CNN staffers during the outlet’s morning editorial call over the negative press attention that has followed the publication of a lengthy profile of him.

    In the piece, published Friday by The Atlantic, Licht was critical of the network’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic under the leadership of former top executive Jeff Zucker and discussed his ner vision for the network that focuses on facts rather than sensationalism.

    “In the eyes of so many at CNN, there isn’t anything Licht can do at this point to win over their support,” Darcy wrote. “They’ve hit the wall with him. As one anchor texted me, in reference to Licht’s announcement on Monday that he will relocate his office to a newsroom floor at Hudson Yards: ‘We don’t want his office relocated to the 18th floor, we want it relocated out of the building’.”

    Since taking the reigns at CNN, Licht has made a number of programming changes which say some of the network’s mainstays exit.

    Foreigners Use Biden’s Open Border to Commit Crime in US

    Illegal Immigration in the United State via Wikimedia Commons

    ANALYSIS – News coverage of Joe Biden’s border disaster has dropped considerably since the drama surrounding the end of Title 42 faded. But we still have a border crisis. 

    Not only is the border still effectively open, but foreign criminal elements are taking full advantage of it.

    And it’s not just Mexican drug cartels.

    The expected tsunami of illegal border crossers never fully materialized once Biden allowed Title 42 to expire, partly because Team Biden had already let in so many, and because it more effectively pushed through others without the mobs piling up at the border. 

    The drug cartels, human traffickers, and migrants themselves, also began considering new strategies to enter the United States and operate here with impunity.

    Foreign criminal groups have been at the forefront of exploiting Biden’s chaotic open border. It is well-documented that Mexican drug cartels control certain border regions.

    But it’s not just cartels from Mexico that are coming through undaunted. Criminal gangs from El Salvador, such as MS-13 have been known to operate lucrative and deadly cross-border criminal operations.

    And now we are hearing about Romanian mobsters infesting America.

    According to the Daily Caller: “Romanian migrants in the country illegally, some of whom are known to have crossed the southern border, are suspected of crimes across the country, according to internal law enforcement alerts…” 

    The Caller added:

    The law enforcement alerts, which span from Florida to Pennsylvania and New York, warn of Romanians who are suspected of financial crimes and are known to be in the country illegally, and have deportation orders. Border Patrol recorded 5,895 encounters of Romanian migrants in fiscal year 2022 at the southern border, up from … 266 in fiscal year 2020.

    The huge influx of Romanians appears to be organized and they focus on defrauding Americans. One senior Border Patrol official told the Daily Caller that many of them have criminal histories that mainly include theft, larceny, fraud, and domestic violence when they’re arrested.

    And it’s often a family affair.

    “They all have criminal records when they show up. Rarely single adults. They usually show up in family units…” explained the Border Patrol official, adding: “it’s a pain in the ass to get approval for family separation, so that we can house, prosecute the offender.”

    “They all claim asylum/credible fear, just like everyone else. Hoping that we’ll process them and release them to the NGOs,” the official added.

    Once inside the U.S. they fan out and operate nationwide.

    The Caller continued:

    In April, Florida law enforcement stopped a vehicle with two Romanian nationals they discovered were in the U.S. illegally who allegedly possessed “fraudulent passports, fraudulent credit cards, $4,000 in U.S. currency, covert cameras concealed to hide (for possible ATM PIN harvesting), (3) skimming devices, a thumb drive, and an ATM pin pad cling device,” an official alert stated.

    A device seized from the vehicle allegedly possessed bank information of “thousands of victims.”

    An international law enforcement alert in February warned of three Romanians with “open cases with ICE for deportation.” They were allegedly installing credit card “skimming devices” in Pennsylvania Walmart self-checkouts.

    So next time your identity is stolen, your credit card hacked, or your bank account emptied, the criminals who did it may just be Romanians who entered the country illegally under Biden.

    Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Great America News Desk.

    ‘Target’ Woke Companies and Huge Investment Firms Behind Them

    Marcha del orgullo en Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Noviembre de 2021 via Wikimedia commons

    ANALYSIS – ‘Go woke – Go Broke’ – The saga of Budweiser and Target’s disastrous forays into transgender politics is great for conservatives, and all Americans. 

    It shows how national grassroots pressure can force giant woke companies to lose billions of dollars in a matter of weeks.

    But more importantly, it shows us other ways to fight back. To truly force change we have to effectively leverage these boycotts and go way beyond them. 

    We need to go after the behemoth investment firms that push and incentivize these corporations to go even more woke.

    Elon Musk just hinted at the next battleground – courtrooms. 

    Referring to Target’s decision to sell LGBT-themed items and clothing aimed at families and kids (including ‘onesies’ for toddlers and books instructing kids on using transgender pronouns), and the ensuing financial backlash, Musk said Friday that it’s just a matter of time before Target faces lawsuits for “destruction of shareholder value.”

    “Won’t be long before there are class-action lawsuits by shareholders against the company and board of directors for the destruction of shareholder value,” he tweeted.

    Musk made the remarks in response to a tweet by conservative activist Charlie Kirk, who posted about JPMorgan downgrading Target’s stock after suffering its longest consecutive drop in decades.

    Kirk replied by saying that shareholders should organize to get politics out of the “hyperpolitical” corporations of today.

    And that is exactly what should be done. 

    Conservatives should also consider buying just one share of each offending company to give them legal rights as shareholders. And then take the companies to court.

    These lawsuits won’t just put the offending companies on notice, but their huge investment firm backers too.

    A big factor encouraging brands to promote transgender ideologies is an attempt to score points on lefty environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards that are being foisted on organizations all over the country. 

    And this is a product of leftist political pressures and aggressively activist investment firms.

    During an appearance on Fox News, Anson Frericks, an ex-top Anheuser-Busch executive, said that quiet pressure from huge investment firms like New York-based BlackRock and Pennsylvania-based Vanguard is behind many of the controversial decisions by the woke companies they are heavily invested in.

    He noted that BlackRock, Vanguard, and another firm, State Street, manage about $20 trillion in capital and use their power to promote leftist political agendas.

    However, it’s also not necessarily coming from the investment firms organically, since they too are being pressured by progressive lawmakers overseeing giant government pension funds that the investment firms profit from.

    These hyper-politicized monster government pension funds are the ones really calling the shots.

    One of the huge investment firms mentioned earlier, manages California’s massive pension fund — the country’s biggest — and California’s leftist politicians have a big say in the corporate governance and politics of the firms the fund invests in, Frericks noted.

    “In California, for example, they recently have mandated those large pension funds [sic] that they divest from things like fossil fuels and oil and gas…”

    “But they also tell BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard if they’re going to manage their money, they have to commit to things like ESG — diversity, equity, inclusion — and adopt firm-wide commitments that they therefore then force onto all the major companies in corporate America,” he added.

    So, we need to find ways to limit the power and influence of these monstrous and highly politicized government pension funds that use taxpayer funds to push radical agendas.

    We should also note that this isn’t just a conservative issue. Erin Elmore at Turning Point USA, reported The Epoch Times, argued that calls to boycott Target are “not necessarily conservative.”

    Instead, she said, “it’s common sense. Most parents don’t support satanists or little boys wearing girls’ bathing suits,” she tweeted on May 28.

    This isn’t a conservative-liberal thing. It’s an American thing.

    Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Great America News Desk.

    Report: Trump Classified Documents Grand Jury to Reconvene This Week

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    The grand jury in the federal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents is reportedly scheduled to meet this week in Washington, D.C. potentially signaling that prosecutors are nearing a charging decision.

    On Monday, Trump attorneys John Rowley, James Trusty, and Lindsey Halligan were first spotted at the D.C. federal courthouse on Monday morning by CBS News.

    The former president’s legal team late last month had requested a meeting with prosecutors.

    “We request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss the ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated by your Special Counsel and his prosecutors,” Rowley and Trusty wrote in a letter on May 23.

    NBC News reported that not much is known at this point about whether special counsel Jack Smith will seek an indictment. Recent reports say the National Archives informed Smith that it has 16 records that allegedly show that Trump and his top advisers had knowledge of the process that Trump would have to go through to declassify information while he was president and audio recordings that prosecutors have obtained that allegedly feature Trump discussing a classified document he kept after leaving office.

    The investigation into the former President focuses on whether he retained classified information after leaving office and if he tried to obstruct investigators or destroyed evidence. The National Archives first alerted Trump in May of 2021 that it was seeking approximately two dozen boxes of records to be returned. Trump was warned in late 2021 that they could escalate the issue to prosecutors or Congress if the former president continued to refuse to hand over the documents.

    In January 2022, about 15 of the boxes were returned at which time officials discovered there were more than 700 pages of classified materials in the boxes. 

    On August 8, the FBI executed a search warrant on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property and recovered additional sets of classified material.

    Trump has defended his actions, saying last week that “everything I did was right” and suggesting the case is a “witch hunt.”

    Since the raid on Trump, classified documents were discovered in a Biden think tank in Washington, D.C. as well as former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home.

    Last week, the Justice Department announced it would not be charging Pence in the investigation into the documents.

    Amanda Head: Suppressed Jan. 6 Footage To Be Released!


      This is big. Previously suppressed footage from the Jan. 6th Capitol riot is finally being shared with multiple news outlets.

      Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

      Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Great America News Desk.

      85,000 Migrant Kids Go Missing at US Border Under Biden as Questions About Trafficking Explode

      CBP Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

      The Biden administration is unable to locate 85,000 child migrants initially processed at the U.S. border, and now members of Congress are demanding an explanation amid reports the children are being trafficked.

      Seventy-six House Republican reveal in a letter that Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are “knowingly and recklessly discharging unaccompanied children to adults across the country and doing nothing to find the tens of thousands they had lost touch with,” the Washington Examiner reports.

      The letter was issued after the New York Times reported the Biden administration cannot locate 85,000 children initially processed as migrants seeking asylum, and many are being forced into child labor.

      Lawmakers “referenced reports by the New York Times that concluded children were extorted by smugglers to pay off the thousands they owed through forced labor, including sex trafficking. Other children were trafficked against their will and are effectively slaves within the U.S.,” the Examiner reports

      “The border crisis is not a stand-alone crisis. It has created a new catastrophe in every direction,” said Congressman Morgan Luttrell (R-TX) 

      “Unaccompanied migrant children are crossing our border, and Joe Biden’s failed policies aren’t leading them to the American Dream. Instead, these children are released with no follow-up and are facing forced labor, sex trafficking, and abuse,” said Luttrell.

      “The policies of the Biden Administration are failing everyone. Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden not only need to address the ongoing exploitation and lack of contact with minors, but also secure our southern border and ensure people seeking to come to our great country are going through the proper, legal channels,” Luttrell added.

      Even worse, it appears many of the children tried to contact U.S. officials to seek help.

      “We are particularly heartbroken to read reports of children contacting HHS after their release to their sponsors in hopes of the agency intervening, with no follow up,” the letter reveals. 

      “The policies of this administration are enriching the cartels and transnational criminal organizations, who are profiting from the pain, abuse, and exploitation of these children as they smuggle them into the country,” the lawmakers conclude.

      Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Great America News Desk.

      ‘Wow’ – Reporter Calls Out White House Official on Biden Being ‘Corrupt’

      White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a press briefing on Friday, July 30, 2021, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott)

      ANALYSIS – It wasn’t a good moment for National Security Communications Director John Kirby. The former Navy admiral and prior Pentagon spokesman was left dumbfounded when a New York Post reporter challenged him on the numerous scandals and investigations swirling around Joe Biden.

      Citing a Harvard/Harris poll in May that found 53% of Americans believe Biden was involved in “an illegal influence peddling scheme” with his son, Hunter Biden, the reporter, Steven Nelson, was direct with Kirby.

      He asked: “So what do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president is himself corrupt?”

      “Wow,” was Kirby’s initial response as press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to stop Kirby from answering it. “No, we got to wrap this up,” Jean-Pierre interjected after being heard muttering “Jesus” under her breath.

      The exchange took place during the daily White House press briefing as Kirby was taking questions on foreign policy-related issues.

      But Nelson had a lot more to say to Kirby in the lead up to the question.

      “There is one committee trying to get an FBI file alleging that President Biden took bribes. There’s another IRS whistleblower who’s alleging there’s a cover-up in the investigation,” he explained. “There’s, of course, evidence that the president interacted with his relative’s associates from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.”

      There is, of course, also plenty more implicating Joe Biden and the entire Biden family in widespread corruption dating to Joe Biden’s time as Barack Obama’s VP.

      While Biden’s White House minions flail about to avoid touching the toxic topic, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has said the FBI has confirmed the existence of a document alleging that Biden was involved in a $5 million “criminal bribery scheme” as vice president.

      As I wrote about earlier, the committee subpoenaed the Bureau for the document based on a confidential human source (CHS), but FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to provide the report by the Wednesday deadline.

      According to a whistleblower who approached Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R-Iowa), the document in the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) possession would reveal “a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose,” reported CBS News.

      Comer has stated he will be pursuing ‘contempt of congress’ charges against Wray for refusing to provide the document.

      Meanwhile, despite Jean-Pierre’s attempt to shut Kirby up about the allegations, he did eventually say:

      The president has spoken to this and there’s nothing to these claims. And as for the whistleblower issue that you talked about and in the document — I believe the FBI has spoken to that, and you’re going to have to go to them on that. 

      A panicked Jean-Pierre rushed to close the briefing and end any more questions, saying: All right, let’s go…Let’s go. Let’s go.”

      Running away from the issue, and curt official denials without anything concrete to back them up, are starting to wear thin with the American people. 

      And this recent poll is likely just the tip of the iceberg headed for the Biden ship of state.

      Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Great America News Desk.

      DeSantis Shares Ideas for Military, Student Loans During Iowa Campaign Stops


        Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is shedding more light on his policy ideas as he makes campaign stops in Iowa.

        On Wednesday, the White House hopeful announced his plans to address the country’s massive student debt- which currently stands at a whopping $1.6 trillion according to CNN and his plan to boost military morale.

        While speaking in Salix, Iowa, DeSantis declared that universities should have to pick up the tab if a former student can’t pay back their loans.

        “If somebody defaults, the university should pick it up,” he said. “If they were on the hook for it, they would make sure the curriculum was designed to produce people that can be very productive. You’d have a heck of a lot less gender studies going on.”

        DeSantis added that “we do believe in universities, but they got to be done in a good way,” meaning “rooted in the traditional mission of the university classical education.”

        During another stop in Council Bluffs, the Florida Governor said that if elected he would offer back pay to veterans who reenlist after leaving the military due to Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

        Later in the day, while touting his time in the US Navy as a JAG officer, DeSantis argued the US military is “indulging woke ideology” that negatively impacts recruitment.

        “They’ve driven off some of our greatest warriors not just through that culture, but also through dumb policies like forcing m-RNA Covid shots on our service members,” DeSantis said.

        “Why would you want to drive them off by doing things like forcing them to take a shot that they don’t want and sure enough, many people left,” DeSantis said at the second of four stops across Iowa. “As president, we will restore everybody back who wants to come back and we will give them back pay as a result.”

        In January, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin rescinded the military’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate for troops after the shot was made mandatory in 2021.

        Report: Ex-GOP Candidate Indicted in Shootings at Lawmakers’ Homes

        Police image via Pixabay free images

        A former Republican candidate for the state House in New Mexico has been indicted on numerous federal charges over his alleged involvement in a series of drive-by shootings.

        The 11-count indictment in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico accuses Solomon Peña of organizing a series of four shootings that happened at four Democratic officials’ homes between December and January. 

        “SOLOMON PENA ran for the New Mexico House of Representatives and lost by nearly 50 percentage points in November 2022. Refusing to accept his electoral defeat, PENA organized a shooting spree that targeted the homes of four elected officials and their families,” the indictment reads. 

        The shootings happened at the homes of two Bernalillo County commissioners, one state senator and the Speaker of the state House. 

        Peña was originally arrested in January, with Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina saying at the time he “masterminded” all the attacks. 

        The charges Peña is facing include conspiracy, interference with federally protected activities and using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, and possessing a firearm in furtherance of the crime. 

        Peña lost his race to incumbent Democrat Miguel Garcia in the state’s 14th District in November. 

        The indictment charges Peña and two of his alleged accomplices. No one was injured in the attacks, but bullets passed through the bedroom of the state senator’s 10-year-old daughter. 

        This is a breaking news story. Click refresh for the latest updates.