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Peter Navarro To Leave Prison Ahead Of RNC Appearance

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Sweet freedom…

Former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro is set to be released from prison Wednesday after serving a four-month sentence for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. 

After leaving prison Navarro is expected to take the stage at the Republican National Convention, according to an email from former President Trump’s campaign.  

It’s unclear when Navarro will take the stage in Milwaukee, Wisc. where the GOP’s nominating event is taking place. The convention is scheduled to conclude Thursday evening, only one day after Navarro’s sentence ends. 

Trump himself said in May he would “absolutely” rehire Navarro if reelected to the White House in November. Navarro has said he does not want a pardon from Trump if reelected or one from President Biden. 

“I would absolutely have Peter back. This outrageous behavior by the Democrats should not have happened,” Trump said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.

Navarro was convicted last year of two counts of contempt of Congress — one for failing to produce documents related to the probe, and another for skipping his deposition before the House select committee that investigated the events surrounding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. 

“It’s crying out for the Supreme Court to do this,” Navarro said of his appeal the day he began his sentence. “But the tragedy here is, because I have not been released pending appeal, I will have already done my time before that is done. 

“But that’s the price of living in Joe Biden’s America right now,” he added. “God bless you all. I’ll see you on the other side.” 

Report: Secret Service In High Alert Over Iranian Assassination Threat

    President Donald J. Trump is presented with a 10th Combat Aviation Brigade challenge coin following an air assault and gun rain demonstration at Fort Drum, New York, on August 13. The demonstration was part of President Trump's visit to the 10th Mountain Division (LI) to sign the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019, which increases the Army's authorized active-duty end strength by 4,000 enabling us to field critical capabilities in support of the National Defense Strategy. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Thomas Scaggs) 180813-A-TZ475-010

    Donald Trump is reportedly under increased surveillance due to an active security threat from Iran.

    U.S. intelligence received information in recent weeks indicating an Iran-backed plot to assassinate Donald Trump, which led to increased security around the former president. CNN reported that “there’s no indication that Thomas Matthew Crooks, the would-be assassin who attempted to kill the former president on Saturday, was connected to the plot, the sources said.”

    Two federal law enforcement sources told Fox News the level of the plot by Iran is unclear.

    The sources said there has been an increase in Secret Service protection to Trump in recent weeks because of the intelligence.

    The Department of Homeland Security and Secret Service has been increasingly concerned about Trump holding outdoor events, and have even expressed concern to Trump’s campaign.

    CNN Correspondent Evan Perez explained some of the known details on-air Tuesday, saying, “In recent weeks, the US government received intelligence from a human source that indicated that the Iranians were plotting to try to kill former President Donald Trump. Now, that led immediately to an increase in the protection for the former president. We heard over the weekend from the Secret Service that in recent weeks they had increased their protection for the former president.”

    “And so the question was exactly why. We now know that this is the reason why it was specific intelligence that was deemed to be credible enough, and that’s the reason why they increased the protection for the former president. It’s very important to point out that there is nothing to indicate at this point, is part of this investigation of the events on Saturday that the shooter, the would-be assassin that, tried to assassinate the former president on Saturday. There’s no indication that had anything to do with this Iranian plot. It appears to be a coincidence, obviously, but it is one of those things that is raising new questions, I think, for the Secret Service and for everybody involved in the protection of Donald Trump, how it was that these events, took place as they did on Saturday,” Perez added, referring to just how close a gunman came to Trump over the weekend.

    “How did someone, this 20-year-old person, get onto that roof, again, knowing that they had this intelligence, the Secret Service was aware of this intelligence, and they had taken obviously, some additional steps. But how did that person get on a roof and be able to fire off these shots, that almost killed, Donald Trump? Those are very, very big, important questions,” Perez added.

    Kennedy Issues Apology After Private Trump Call Leaked

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologized to former President Donald Trump after footage of a private call between the two was leaked online by his son Bobby Kennedy III.

    In the now-deleted video, recorded on Sunday, the day after the assassination attempt against Trump at his Pennsylvania rally, Bobby Kennedy III wrote that the former president can be heard “giving his real opinion to my dad about vaccinating kids.”

    In his initial post, Bobby Kennedy III added that he believed “these sorts of conversations should be had in public.” He also lambasted Senator JD Vance (R-OH) who Trump announced Monday as his running mate, saying that the former president had chosen “JD ‘fire all the unvaccinated nurses’ Vance” over “unity” – in a suggestion that his father was being considered as a potential choice.

    In the clip posted Tuesday, Trump can be heard criticizing vaccines and the dosage amounts.

    Something’s wrong with that whole system. And it’s the doctors, you find. Remember I said I want to do small doses? Small doses. When you feed a baby, Bobby, a vaccination that is like 38 different vaccines, and it looks like it’s meant for a horse, not a… you know 10 pound or 20 pound baby. It looks like you’re giving you should be giving a horse this. And do you ever see the size of it, right? You know, it’s just massive. And then you see the baby all of a sudden starting to change radically. I’ve seen it too many times. And then you hear that it doesn’t have an impact, right? But you and I talked about that a long time ago.

    Trump appears to then discuss working with Kennedy Jr. in the future, should he win the election, and his call with Biden following the shooting.

    Anyway, I would love you to do stuff. And I think it would be so good for you and so big for you. And we’re going to win. We’re going to win. We’re way ahead of the guy. He called me. And he said: ‘How did you choose to move to the right?’

    In response to the leak, Kennedy Jr. wrote that “when President Trump called” he was “taping with an in-house videographer.”

    He added: “I should have ordered the videographer to stop recording immediately. I am mortified that this was posted. I apologize to the president.”

    Report: Former Trump VP Hopeful Vying For Cabinet Position


    Now that Trump has announced Ohio Senator J.D. Vance as his running mate the question looms as to who will take over the seat once Trump is re-elected to the White House.

    Former presidential candidate and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy recently signaled an interest in filling the Senate seat.

    “I would strongly consider it if I were asked to serve,” he said of the Senate seat that would be vacated if Donald Trump were elected president and Vance elected vice president.

    “I have not discussed this with Gov. DeWine but, you know, I look forward to evaluating what the future holds in store. I would strongly consider it if asked,” Ramaswamy told NBC.

    Ramaswamy noted that he’s been in recent contact with Trump and has discussed different ways he may serve in the future Administration.

    Vivek Ramaswamy speaking with attendees at the 2022 AmericaFest at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

    “We’ve talked about a lot of different possibilities, President Trump and I. I mean, we talk regularly. I spoke to him, actually most recently, it was after midnight on the night that he suffered that injury, tragedy, assassination attempt on Saturday night,” he said.

    “So, we‘ve talked about different ideas, potentially, in a cabinet or other ways of driving change,” he added.

    On Monday, Trump announced his choice for vice president on Truth Social.

    Trump Names Running Mate For 2024

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    And officially becomes the nominee…

    J.D. Vance, known for his memoir “Hillbilly Elegy,” which explores his upbringing in a poor Rust Belt town and his family’s struggles with addiction and poverty, experienced a swift rise in the political arena. His rise saw him win election to the United States Senate in 2022 and now has put him on the cusp of becoming the next vice president of the United States.

    Driven by a compelling personal narrative, strategic alliances and the right political positioning, Vance has won the long-awaited veepstakes, as former President Donald Trump himself announced moments ago. Shortly afterward, it was announced at the Republican National Convention that Donald Trump had received enough votes to officially become the Republican presidential nominee.

    Fittingly, it was the Florida delegation that put him over the top.

    Vance’s story began in Middletown, Ohio, where he was raised in a working-class family. Despite the challenges he faced, he managed to graduate from Ohio State University and later from Yale Law School. His memoir, published in 2016, became a bestseller and brought him national attention, especially as it was seen as offering insights into the lives of many working-class Americans who felt left behind by the political establishment.

    Key Factors in His Political Rise

    1. National Recognition through “Hillbilly Elegy”: Vance’s memoir provided him with a platform to discuss broader socio-economic issues affecting the Rust Belt and working-class communities. His personal success story resonated with many Americans, giving him credibility and a wide audience.
    2. Strategic Political Alliances: Vance capitalized on his newfound fame by forging key alliances within the Republican Party. He aligned himself with prominent figures and organizations that supported his views on economic and social issues. Notably, he gained the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, which significantly bolstered his political profile among the Republican base.
    3. Media Presence and Advocacy: Vance became a regular commentator on political and cultural issues, frequently appearing on news programs and writing op-eds. His articulate defense of conservative values and critique of elite political classes garnered him a loyal following.
    4. Focus on Populist Themes: Emphasizing themes of economic nationalism, skepticism of globalism and advocacy for working-class Americans, Vance tapped into the populist sentiment that had been growing within the Republican Party. His ability to articulate these issues in a relatable manner helped him connect with a broad spectrum of voters.
    5. Support from Influential Donors: Vance received significant financial backing from influential donors and political action committees. This support enabled him to mount a strong campaign for the U.S. Senate, leveraging his network and resources to reach a wider audience.

    Political Campaign and Senate Victory

    In 2022, Vance announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio. His campaign focused on addressing the economic concerns of Ohioans, tackling the opioid crisis and advocating for policies that would benefit the working class. His message resonated with voters, and he successfully secured the Republican nomination and won the general election.

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    MSNBC Show Yanked From Air Monday After Trump Shooting

    Image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    MSNBC yanked “Morning Joe” off the air on Monday after Donald Trump narrowly survived an assassination attempt on Saturday.

    Arguably MSNBC’s flagship program, the show is a favorite of President Joe Biden and is known for its anti-Trump views.

    The move came on the eve of what could’ve been the biggest Monday (in terms of ratings) in co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s TV careers.

    According to Fox News, network executives pulled the show off the air because they feared what the hosts or guests might say about Trump narrowly surviving an assassination attempt that killed a rallygoer and critically injured two others:

    Viewers who tuned in expecting to see the staunchly anti-Trump program, hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, were greeted instead by continued NBC News special reporting on the attempt on Trump’s life on Saturday. A spokesperson said “Morning Joe” will resume airing on Tuesday.

    According to a CNN report, a person familiar with the decision said it was made in part over fear that one of the show’s many guests over a 4-hour broadcast “might make an inappropriate comment on live television that could be used to assail the program and network as a whole.”

    The call by MSNBC to keep “Morning Joe” off the airwaves shocked political observers, with some conservatives saying it demonstrated a lack of trust in one of its most high-profile shows to sensitively cover a fraught situation.

    “The fact that Morning Joe’s own network can’t trust its flagship brand not to spew reckless and inflammatory crap during breaking news tells you all you need to know about the credibility of the MSNBC line-up,” a veteran Republican consultant told Fox News Digital.

    Others used X to share their thoughts on the significant programming change during one of the most significant days in cable news history:

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    New York Times Handles Trump Assassination Attempt By Cropping Out American Flag

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    In an attack that shook America to its core on Saturday afternoon, a failed loner attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump. The New York Times’ editorial choices in covering it over the past 24 hours have sparked widespread discussion and criticism.

    NYT’s Editorial Decisions

    One of the most controversial decisions was the alteration of their cover photo, which conspicuously cut out the American flag. This move did not go unnoticed and spurred intense reaction online. Additionally, The New York Times opted not to use the word “assassination” in its front-page story about the shooting.

    Comparison with Other Media Outlets

    The New York Times wasn’t alone in making editorial choices that drew scrutiny. CNN’s Jamie Gangel also faced criticism for her response. Gangel chose to chide Trump’s rhetoric mere seconds after the attack, a decision sorely lacking empathy and perspective.

    However, these responses were somewhat subdued when compared to the reactions from two reporters from a far-left Seattle outlet. These ideologues appeared to cheer the near miss.

    The Post Millennial reports:

    Staff writer at The Stranger Ashley Nerbovig, who covers “policing, incarceration and courts” for the far-left outlet posted on X, “Make America aim again,” in reaction to the news that the former president had survived the shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania on Sunday. Nervobig deleted the post, but screenshots went viral. She then deleted her account.

    Fellow Stranger writer Hannah Krieg criticized Seattle’s Democratic mayor for praising the Secret Service and wishing the best for the former president.

    Following the news of the failed assassination, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrel posted on X, “This act of political violence is disturbing and unacceptable in our country. Thank you to the Secret Service and all the first responders who quickly secured the scene. Our thoughts are with the former president and all the people who attended today’s rally.”

    Krieg shared the post and wrote, “Mayor Bruce Harrel swiftly comes to the defense of Trump, a failed insurrectionist touted by mainstream Democrats as an existential threat to Democracy.” She deleted the post and then locked her account after the blowback.

    For readers and viewers, these examples highlight the importance of critically evaluating news sources and being aware of potential biases. It also underscores the need for media literacy in this country.

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    CNN Commentator Criticizes Trump’s Response After Assassination Attempt


    A failed loner attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump in a horrific moment on Saturday afternoon. The incident left one rally goer dead and two others in critical condition.

    Yet, CNN’s Jamie Gangel chose to focus on Trump’s immediate reaction following the attack.

    The Aftermath of the Attack

    Moments after narrowly escaping the assassination attempt, Trump was heard yelling “Fight! Fight! Fight!” to the crowd.

    Gangel’s Reaction

    Jamie Gangel, a reporter for CNN, expressed her disapproval of Trump’s choice of words seconds after he was shot. She stated:

    That’s not the message that we want to be sending right now. We want to tamp it down.

    Police have ransacked the Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, home of the deceased gunman, a 20-year-old male named Thomas Matthew Crooks.

    The FBI later confirmed Crooks’ identity early Sunday and called the incident an assassination attempt, although President Biden initially declined to do so.

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    Trump Injured At Rally, Possibly Shot – Suspect Down

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    UPDATE: 8:25 pm

    The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reports that Donald Trump Jr. said, “I just spoke to my father on the phone, and he is in great spirits.”

    UPDATE: 8:15 pm

    Two sources briefed The New York Times that a rally attendee was killed in the assassination attempt.

    UPDATE: 7:36 pm

    New video footage from the Butler Farm Show grounds shows the body of the attempted assassin on the roof of building approximately 400 feet from where President Trump was speaking. Gunfire from Secret Service agents killed him. The suspect’s identity remains unknown.

    The shooter on the roof fired at Trump from outside the security perimeter, using the elevated position for a clear line of sight.

    A witness on a nearby building informed a BBC reporter that he had seen the shooter crawling onto the roof with a rifle and had tried to warn law enforcement for “two or three minutes” prior to the shooting.

    UPDATE: 7:31 pm

    The Secret Service has confirmed that former President Donald Trump is safe and under protective measures following the shooting at today’s rally. A spokesperson stated that Trump is “fine” and described the incident as a “heinous act.” However, specific details about what transpired at the event remain scant.

    The suspect has been “neutralized,” according to law enforcement sources.


    A retired two-star general standing behind the president was shot, too…

    Former President Donald Trump defiantly raised his fist following an apparent assassination attempt at today’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

    Moments after the first shot rang out, Trump reached toward his ear and blood streaked across his face.

    The shots came as Trump began discussing immigration in his stump speech. Bystanders said the sound resembled that of a small-caliber weapon.

    Secret Service agents quickly whisked Trump off the stage, but not before he signaled to the crowd and appeared to shout the word “fight” multiple times.

    Billionaire Elon Musk voiced his support for Trump following the attack. “I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery,” Musk said.

    The entrepreneur made a substantial donation to a pro-Trump super PAC backing the Republican nominee in swing states, according to a report from Bloomberg on Friday. The exact amount of the donation was not disclosed.

    Commenters on X praised the 45th president’s response, suggesting it might have secured his victory in the election.

    Additional reactions poured in.

    The alleged gunman is down, according to the county prosecutor.

    This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.

    Family Nanny Shares Presidential Candidate’s Disturbing Text Messages


    Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. finds himself embroiled in controversy today as accusations of sexual assault from 1998 have come to light. According to a revealing exposé in Vanity Fair, Kennedy is accused of groping his family’s nanny, Eliza Cooney.

    The Allegations and Kennedy’s Response

    Cooney, who worked as the Kennedy family’s weekend nanny in the 1990s, claims the incident occurred when she was 23 years old. At the time, RFK Jr. was 45 and married with five children. Cooney, who told her story to Vanity Fair earlier this month, passionately claims that Kennedy assaulted her, leading to a wave of outrage and calls for accountability.

    Kennedy’s response has been far from ideal. In an unsolicited text message reported by The Washington Post, he issued a non-apology to Cooney. Kennedy claimed he couldn’t recall if he committed the assault but expressed regret if he did anything to make her uncomfortable. “I never intended you any harm. If I hurt you, it was inadvertent. I feel badly for doing so,” he wrote. Cooney called the message “disingenuous and arrogant.”

    “I’m not sure how somebody has a true apology for something that they don’t admit to recalling. I did not get a sense of remorse,” she told the Post.

    Potential for More Accusers?

    When questioned about the possibility of other women coming forward, Kennedy’s response was vague and unsettling: “I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.”

    Polls show Kennedy at around 9% nationally. Independent candidates often struggle to secure a significant number of electoral votes, but RFK Jr.’s high profile could siphon votes from both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, potentially altering the dynamics of the race.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Independent candidate RFK Jr. accused of groping nanny in 1998.
    • Issued a nonapology, expressing regret without clear admission.
    • Potential for more accusers remains uncertain.
    • Polls show Kennedy at 9% nationally.

    This article originally appeared on American Liberty News. Republished with permission.

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