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Report: Trump’s VP Search Heats Up

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Who will be Donald Trump’s running mate?

While the search is expected to take a few more months the former President has been in near-constant talks with his inner circle.

Trump’s aides are vetting potential vice presidential candidates at Mar-a-Lago as the former president floats a list of names in private conversations.

Politico has more:

Susie Wiles, a top adviser to Trump, is leading a close-to-the-vest process of narrowing a list of around a dozen lawmakers and other Republican personalities under consideration, according to multiple people familiar with the process. The campaign has already hired an outside firm to vet candidates and prepare research documents. Former first lady Melania Trump, who influenced Trump’s decision to select Mike Pence in 2016, has been kept apprised. And Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. said he speaks with his father frequently about who is in contention.

“He’s going to draw this out ‘Apprentice’-style,” said one person close to the Trump campaign who was granted anonymity to speak freely.

The former president has said his top priority is picking someone “who is going to be a good president … in case of emergency.”

The names under consideration continue to be in flux, according to multiple people familiar with the list, who describe it as being in “pencil, not pen.” But it includes Sens. Scott of South Carolina, Vance of Ohio, Katie Britt of Alabama and Marco Rubio of Florida, as well as Govs. Noem of South Dakota, Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas and Doug Burgum of North Dakota. Donalds, the Florida representative, and Gabbard, the former Hawaii representative, among others, are also being considered or have been floated by Trump.

During one private meeting several weeks ago in Palm Beach, Florida, he went down the list of possible running mates with visitors, including one member of Congress, offering commentary on each. He spoke highly of Stefanik and Gabbard, according to a person with knowledge of the conversation and granted anonymity to speak freely. And he was dismissive of Scott, suggesting the senator may not be up to the job of being president, if needed.

“He’ll ask you about people,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), said in an interview.

The senator cautioned that those names being promoted by Trump allies or political consultants should be treated skeptically. “All I can tell you is, if you’re hearing any names, it ain’t going to be them. It’s all propaganda.”

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested Trump should choose someone who can help him win and govern.

The VP is the most important decision, but he is widely focused on personnel all around,” she said.



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