Biden Pulls Even Or Ahead of Trump in Several Swing States

    Joe Biden via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Bad news for Trump…

    According to a new Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, President Biden is quickly catching up to Trump in multiple swing states.

    In previous iterations of the survey of voters’ preferences in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump has boasted leads in every single one of the battleground states.

    However, the most recent poll reports that Biden has drawn even with Trump in Michigan (45%-45%) and Pennsylvania (45%-45%) and even pulled ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee in Wisconsin (46%-45%). Trump did retain leads in all of the other key states. He leads by five in Arizona, seven in Georgia, two in Nevada, and six in North Carolina.

    In February, Bloomberg and Morning Consult reported that Trump was up by six points in Pennsylvania, four in Wisconsin, and two in Michigan.

    Mediate reports that Trump performed worse in every single state except for Georgia in March as compared to February. In the Peach State, his margin of victory increased by a single point (+6 to +7). But he previously led by six in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, nine in North Carolina, and four in Wisconsin.


    1. If accurate it just shows you that we have a lot of people voting that obviously have not watched the country go downhill under Biden. As has been reported he is an old man with a failing memory and should not be President.

    2. ‘Tis the season for alarming “polls”
      and annoying Trolls! If you think
      polls are legit, you don’t understand
      Who is the “customer” of polling
      companies? Who pays for their
      This is payoff season for pollsters! They
      stay “near the fence,” during this phase
      to say they are objective, on neither side,
      while they make BOTH parties their
      customers. Later the “numbers” will skew
      astronomically toward the most promising
      Polls don’t measure…they persuade.

    3. Put on your “thinking caps” and remember…
      Polls are bobbing and weaving…just like EVERY OTHER ELECTION!
      This is how polling companies get paid from both sides! Of course, we know this isn’t true! Tyranny isn’t coming close to bettering Freedom! These polls are false. But they always are 6 to 8 months out! Closer to election time, numbers sync with reality…so the pollster can crow about their accuracy.
      Remember…POLLS don’t measure anything!
      POLLS are tools of PERSUASION!
      So, don’t be disheartened by the polls. They’re nonsense, but both sides pay for the results! They persuade donors to give! They’re a sales tool!
      They don’t accurately measure anything!

    4. I do not value the polls as many do. It does not matter whether it’s Trump or Biden. I tend not to think highly of any of them. Especially, how the media twist reporting into a piece that serves the narrative they are propagating. Anyone that uses this as their decision-making tool says a lot about who they are and what they are all about. In other words, polls suck.


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