Biden Weaponizing Gun Control Act Against Lawful Gun Dealers

    The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    ANALYSIS – While Joe Biden and the Democrats haven’t been able to pass the draconian gun control legislation they want, they still abuse existing laws and regulations to push their radical anti-Second Amendment agenda.

    As I wrote earlier, the bipartisan gun safety measures passed by Congress, and touted by Biden, were far from being severe gun control.

    In fact, they were mostly reasonable, common-sense solutions that stayed within the bounds of the Constitution.

    And the left knows it and has kept pushing Biden to do more.

    That’s why he keeps promising an ‘assault weapons’ ban against sporting rifles and other extreme gun control policies.

    Fortunately for lawful gun owners and all citizens, these measures have little chance of passing now. 

    And much less with a GOP Congress coming soon.

    This is why Biden and his merry band of Democrats are using a stealth approach to violating our Second Amendment rights.

    Earlier this year, as I also reported, they pressured credit card processing companies such as Amex, Visa, and Mastercard to support a special gun designation, or code, set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to specifically flag gun purchases. 

    Several Republican state attorney generals are pushing back on this abuse and expect a GOP Congress to follow suit.

    But it doesn’t stop there.

    As reported by KTRH i-Heart, Team Biden is manipulating and abusing federal law to target law-abiding gun dealers and put them out of business:

    A Texas gun store is suing the Biden administration, claiming it’s trying to shut down firearms dealers for minor violations.

    Nate Curtisi is an attorney with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, which represents Central Texas Gun Works. He says the Biden administration is weaponizing the Gun Control Act by pulling gun store licenses over paperwork errors.

    “There’s a shop in Florida that had less than 50 typos on 8,000 Form 4473. The Biden administration revoked their license even though there was no evidence that they meant to make these typos, or that any criminal or anyone who shouldn’t have guns had gotten them,” he says.

    “Congress has at least twice failed to remove this ‘willfully’ requirement, so now the Biden administration is doing the round about way of trying to make a strict compliance regime, where that is not at all what the statute says.”

    So what kind of violations are we talking about?

    “Sometimes people actually put their ‘county’ of origin where they need to put their ‘country,’ and vice versa,” says Curtisi. “So they’re pulling federal firearm licenses for these really inconsequential typos that really don’t result in the wrong people getting guns.”

    This is just the latest example of Biden’s efforts to push a radical agenda via executive power that he can’t get through legislative means.

    The White House has 60 days to respond or seek a dismissal. 

    Let’s see what happens next.

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    1. (In fact, they were mostly reasonable, common-sense solutions that stayed within the bounds of the Constitutional) As per the U.S. Supreme Court Bruen decision, these are unreasonable, unconstitutional, and out of bounds (2ndAmendment 1791).

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