Report: DeSantis To Launch Fundraising Effort To Help Trump


    Conservatives are uniting to get a Republican back in the White House.

    Florida Governor and former presidential contender Ron DeSantis reportedly plans to help former President Donald Trump raise money in the coming weeks and months ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

    DeSantis told donors and supporters about his plans to fundraise for the former president at a private retreat last weekend, NBC News reported.

    “I would say the majority in the room would now be willing to help Trump,” a DeSantis bundler who was at the recent meeting told NBC News.

    “I will follow the governor’s lead and I will do anything that he or President Trump ask me to do to help him win this election,” said Texas businessman Roy Bailey. “I know where there are DeSantis supporters all over Texas and all over the country that will want to help President Trump.”

    “He’s committed to helping Trump in any and every way,” Bailey added. “If we can unlock and motivate our donors for Trump and put more fuel in his tank, that’s what we want to do, and that’s what we need to do to make sure [President Joe] Biden is not reelected.”

    The report noted that DeSantis’ full backing of the Trump campaign is a major asset for Trump because “DeSantis’ finance committee is full of fundraisers with massive networks” that are able to donate money.


    1. DeSantis is showing he is putting the needs of the country first to get Biden out of the white house.
      With DeSantis’s connections, Trump should be able to do a lot of fundraising!!


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