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CNN Deals Brutal Reality Check To Democrats’ Latest Anti-Trump Hope

CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten burst the Democrats’ bubble over their latest attack on Trump.

Trump said illegal immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country” during a recent speech, prompting left-wing commentators to condemn the comments as “racist” and “fascist.”

However, the CNN reporter pointed out that Trump does increasingly well across the board when it comes to handling illegal immigration and that his comments don’t seem to have the same effect on voters as Democrats would hope.

“Take a look at this poll from Marquette University Law School. Want increased efforts to stop illegal immigration at the southern border, look, you see here, 96% of Republican voters want that but it’s 78% of all voters and even among Hispanic voters it’s 71%. Let’s take a look more broadly. Do a better job on border security and immigration. In 2020, we basically saw a dead heat between Joe Biden and Donald Trump…look at the change that we have seen over the past three years. Donald Trump has opened up a 23-point lead on this issue, whatever he has been doing or whatever folks have been seeing along the border has definitely impacted their views. And at this particular point, this is an issue that Donald Trump wants to play not just in the Republican primary but the general election as well.”

“Hispanic voters?” CNN’s Phil Mattingly asked.

“Yeah, so I think there is this idea ‘OK, maybe this rhetoric will hurt among Hispanic voters. And take a look here of the Hispanic voters Biden versus Trump in a general election matchup. Biden won these voters in 2020 by a large margin, 26 points. Look at where we are now. Biden still leads, but that margin has shrunk to just six percentage points.”

“In 2020, it was one of the best performances for a Republican candidate in a generation since George W. Bush in 200 so we have seen an increasing trend towards Trump. You might be asking yourself, ‘Ok, what about this rhetoric from Donald Trump? Will this hurt him among Hispanic voters?’ Take a look. Better job on border security and immigration among Hispanic voters, check this out, the plurality of Hispanic voters actually prefer Donald Trump on this issue 42% to 30%. So, look, this rhetoric, I think a lot of people don’t like it, but the fact is when it comes to border security and immigration a lot of folks are liking what Donald Trump is saying, especially compared to Joe Biden,” Enten continued.

“Hispanic voters aren’t single issue, they aren’t monolithic. It’s an important thing for everybody to remember,” Mattingly added.

Trump has been leading Biden in a series of swing state surveys. Respondents have overwhelmingly voiced concerns over Biden’s handling of the border and foreign policy.



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