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Trump Drops Biggest VP Hint Yet


This is Trump’s strongest indicator yet…

Donald Trump is almost ready to reveal his choice for a running mate.

Trump spoke with Fox News’ Aishah Hasnie at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Republican National Committee on Thursday following meetings on Capitol Hill. He was asked if his choice was present at any of the meetings.

“Probably. I don’t want to go, but I think (it) will probably get announced during the convention,” Trump said. “During the convention. There were some good people and, we have some very good people.”

The Republican convention will be held from July 15-18 in Milwaukee. Trump also said that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) could be on the shortlist for VP as well. 

“And I think I could consider that,” he said. “Yes. I haven’t been asked that question, but he would be on that list.”

Later in his interview, Trump said he hadn’t been asked to endorse former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, for the U.S. Senate. Hogan endorsed Nikki Haley over Trump and did not endorse him during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. 

“Yeah, I’d like to see him win,” Trump said. “I think he has a good chance to win. I would like to see him win.”



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