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FBI Searches Mike Pence’s Home Amid Document Probe

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

FBI agents searched former Vice President Mike Pence’s residence Friday as federal authorities continue their classified document investigation, two sources confirmed to Fox News

Local police blocked off the entrance to the Indiana residence before federal investigators arrived in a white vehicle. 

Sources claim the search was planned for days and noted Pence is not at home Friday.

Last month, Pence informed Congress that he discovered documents bearing classified markings from his time as vice president on Jan. 16.

Pence attorney Greg Jacob wrote on Jan. 18 to Acting Director Kate Dillon McClure of the White House Liaison Division National Archives and Records Administration to inform her of the papers “containing classified markings.”

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  1. The democrat weaponizing the FBI on Conservatives again! No wonder we don’t trust them anymore! Lets see what happens with the new 87,000 armed IRS Agents? Ask the Tea party what happened to them! oh yeah we have been told they are going to target the rich? That was the excuse to have so many added? Well, that’s not right neither!

  2. The stark contrast between armed SWAT teams raiding the homes of former President Trump and former VP Pence (and excluding those officials’ attorneys from the search) on the one hand, and deputizing President Biden’s personal attorneys to conduct the search on the other hand, is for the purpose of acclimating the public to the criminalization of affiliating with the Republican Party. It’s not the first step in establishing a one-party Marxist “Peoples Democratic Dictatorship” (Mao Tse-Tung’s term) in the U.S., but it may be the final, definitive one.


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