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Judge Delays Verdict In Trump Business Fraud Trial

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Well, that was unexpected…

On Thursday, a court spokesperson revealed Judge Arthur Engoron is now expected to announce a ruling in the $370 million civil fraud case brought against former President Trump by the New York attorney general’s office in “early to mid-February.” 

Judge Arthur Engoron previously said he would aim to issue a decision by the end of January but emphasized that the deadline was not firm. The new mid-February deadline is a “rough estimate” and is “subject to modifications,” according to the court spokesperson. 

Closing arguments in the trial finished last week as New York Attorney General Letitia James seeks to fine Trump more than $370 million in a lawsuit alleging Trump misled the value of his company’s assets in financial statements.

Engoron has already rescinded some of Trump’s business licenses in New York, finding Trump and some of his top executives, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, liable for fraud.

Trump’s defense has argued that their client’s financial statements were unaudited estimates and were clearly offered as such, adding that the estimates of his net worth were too low, the opposite of what James is claiming.

“There have been no losses to any party, as the loans here were negotiated between very sophisticated parties,” Trump’s lawyers Christopher Kise and Michael T. Madaio wrote in court papers on Friday. “Lenders made their own informed decisions.”


  1. The NY dimwit nitwits are going to run the rest of the business in that city away. This trial is an utter joke. They all are. I can hear them whining now in the not so distant future that their revenues are way, way down.

    To bring charges for something that was done in good faith and shows clearly the lenders were not harmed is the height of stupidity. NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND will do business in NY thanks to these idiots. Because now they all know this sort of sham can be done to anyone anytime in the future. Just the cost of defense in this joke of a trial is unconsionable. The whole venue is disgusting and these folks including this judge need to face charges, sanctions, whatever!


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