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Judge Signals ‘Preliminary’ Intent to Side with Trump’s Lawyers After Mar-a-Lago Raid

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday a federal District judge in Florida signed she is inclined to side with Donald Trump’s legal team’s request a special master be appointed to review the materials recovered from the FBI’s recent raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

On Aug. 8th, the FBI raided former president Trump’s residence to recover sensitive materials for the National Archives.

However, instead of fighting against U.S. District Judge Bruce Reinhart, the judge who approved the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant, Trump’s league team filed a motion for  District Judge Aileen M. Cannon to appoint a special master.

Law and Crime reports:

On Saturday evening, Judge Cannon replied that she was inclined to grant the request for a special master due to the “exceptional circumstances presented” by the events at Mar-a-Lago.  However, that inclination, she said, was “subject to an opportunity” for additional arguments by both sides, including the U.S. Government.

Next came a series of specific demands for “the defendant” — the U.S. Government.  Judge Cannon ordered the government to “publicly file a Response” to Trump’s list of demands on or before Tues., Aug. 30.

Additionally, Judge Cannon ordered the government to file under seal a “more detailed” list of the property seized during the Aug. 8 search and a “particularized notice indicating the status of Defendant’s review of the seized property, including any filter review conducted by the privilege review team and any dissemination of materials beyond the privilege review team.”

The documents requested by Judge Cannon must, per her order and “accordance with Rule 53,” explain the parties’ “respective and particularized positions on the duties and responsibilities of a prospective special master, along with any other considerations pertinent to the appointment of a special master in this case.”

Special Masters have been appointed to review allegedly privileged materials in other high-profile cases, including a search of Rudy Giuliani’s office and home.


  1. Its about time that Trump got a break from the Obamy hit squads aligned against him. The Dunbocraps are terrified that Trump will run in 2024 and are pulling out aaa the dirty tricks and illegal crap they gan can and are getting away with.

    • Thomas, I have to disagree with you on one point but as a whole agree with what you wrote. They are not Democrats, or Democraps as you describe them. They ae either Socialists (Communists) or they’re Nazis. In my opinion they’re led by George Soros who watched his entire family loaded into boxcars in Hungary and shipped off to a German concentration camp. He immediately went to Germany and joined Hitler’s Nazi party. To me that makes what’s happening in this country even worse than having Communists overthrow our government. I sincerely hope my feelings about what’s going on is wrong but we’ll just have to wait and see. I DEFINETLY agree that the other side, whatever they really are, are terrified of Trump. I’ve been voting since 1946 and Trump is the first president I actually foted FOR

  2. If Trump runs in 2024, he’ll win! That said, everyone knows he will immediately use the power of office to go after all the crooked Leftist Democrats & Rinos who have tried every dirty trick they can come up with to destroy him. They can’t allow that so let’s pray that Trump has the very best Secret Service as well as private protection as I would put nothing beyond the Swamp creatures in their attempts to stop him & retain power.

    • Happy Warrior, Though I will definitely vote for Donald Trump if he runs I don’t think he’s got a chance. He believes in the country and dies the job he was hired to do. I heard people whine and complain because Trump never served in the military. At least he went to a military school. Where or when did Biden serve? Trump lived in the real world and not that “rough and tumble” world of politics where very few, if any ever worked for a living or heard the shot fired in anger.

  3. DeSantis has a much better chance in 2024. Trump is too controversial and too many people have strong negative feelings about him.


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