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MSNBC Abruptly Cuts Ties with Controversial Host After Berating Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Don’t mess with DeSantis.

On Friday, MSNBC suddenly announced its decision to cut ties with controversial host Tiffany Cross over her “bad judgment.” According to sources familiar with the matter, executives decided not to renew Cross’s two-year contract after growing tired of the host’s controversial antics.

“Repeated bad behavior on and off-air. Bad judgment,” a source close to the situation told Fox News.

Cross, who hosted the weekend program “Cross Connection,” will be replaced by rotating guest anchors until a replacement is named.

Cross was previously a fill-in host for Joy Reid’s weekend show “AM Joy” and got her own Saturday program in 2020. She has since made a name for herself over her vitriolic statements about conservatives, a move that would ultimately cost her job.

The reporting thus far does not indicate that ratings were a factor. An internal MSNBC ratings memo obtained by Mediaite earlier this year said that “The Cross Connection is the highest-rated weekend show on MSNBC,” and that the show’s audience “skews 55% female and 35% African American.”

Mere hours before being fired Cross raised eyebrows over her comments about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Sunshine state during an appearance with Comedy Central. She used her turn during the “One’s Gotta Go” segment to push for the release of Florida into the castration bin, attacking the governor and comparing his state to a set of genitalia that could use a trim.

“I say Florida literally looks like the dick of the country. So let’s get rid of Florida. Ron…” Cross said.

“Seriously, let’s castrate Florida. Here’s the problem, Ron DeStupid, Ron DeSantis, whatever you want to call Florida Man, he is so problematic,” she continued. “The people there passed Amendment Four, which gave returning citizens, those formerly incarcerated, the right to vote. He instituted a poll tax. He has done everything he can to keep Black and brown people from the ballot. He trafficks in stupidity and ignorance and I just think they are a problem for the rest of the country. Let’s get them out.”


  1. Her hatred coupled with her amazing ignorance is astounding. Sadly she is all too typical of the people the lamestream media networks hire, like msnbc and cnn. She will be replaced with someone as equally stupid I’m sure.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that as bad as Florida is, everybody seems to want to move there, especially New Yorkers and Californians! Maybe they’re trying to escape crazy and Cross idiots.

  3. This is GREAT! This is EPIC! Thank you, Ms. Cross for your superstar demonstration of Leftist hypocrisy! They believe in ‘political correctness,’ that is, until it comes to their perceived opponents. Then the brass knuckles are out to destroy them. Rest in ignominy, Ms. Cross. May some Moozlum mutilate your private parts likewise!


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