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Nikki Haley Loses Nevada GOP Primary

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

That has to sting…

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley lost Nevada’s GOP primary on Tuesday to “none of these candidates” in an embarrassing defeat.

Despite the fact that Haley was the only major candidate listed on the ballot she still managed to lose the primary, according to NBC News projections, coming second to “None of these candidates.” Donald Trump was absent due to a conflict between the state and the Nevada Republican Party

“Nevada voters in the state-run primary had a choice to reject all the candidates on the ballot, and they did just that — with more people choosing to vote for ‘none of these candidates’ than for Haley,” reported NBC News’ senior national political reporter Natasha Korecki, who described Haley’s defeat as “a stinging rebuke.”

As of reporting, Haley received just over 30% of the vote, while “None of these candidates” received more than 60%. Former Vice President Mike Pence came third with just over 4%.

As reported by CBS News, due to a dispute between the Nevada Republican Party and the state of Nevada, “Nevada Republicans have made clear that the caucuses are the only method to earn the party’s delegates in the state, while effectively barring anyone on the primary ballot from appearing on the caucus ballot.”

“Candidates that chose to appear on the state-run primary ballot did so knowing that decision meant they could not earn delegates by appearing on the caucus ballots,” declared the Nevada Republican Party. “Those candidates are John Castro, Heath Fulkerson, Nikki Haley, Donald Kjornes, Hirsh Singh, Mike Pence and Tim Scott.”

While Haley will not appear on the ballot, Thursday, “None of these candidates” will be an option for the caucus just as it was during the Tuesday primary.



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