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We Should Be Talking About Biden Corruption not Trump-Created Drama

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ANALYSIS – Yes, it’s a big deal, that former President Donald Trump has been booked and charged in federal court with 37 counts of violating federal law. And we should be talking about it. 

It’s definitely not Watergate, but some of the charges, such as obstruction, are similar to those Richard Nixon faced before he resigned in 1974.

Thirty-one of the counts are for violating the Espionage Act through “willful retention” of classified records. The other six counts include obstruction of justice and false statements stemming from his alleged efforts to impede the investigation. 

Meanwhile, the media is conveniently ignoring all of Joe Biden’s brewing scandals, which are far worse; even surpassing Watergate.

We should be talking about Biden corruption, not Trump stubbornness.

Many Trump loyalists argue that the Trump indictment proves there is a double standard compared to how Biden is being treated. And I would agree. 

The investigation into Hunter Biden should not have taken five years and still be unresolved.

That is an outrage.

And then there are the bribery and foreign influence peddling allegations against Joe Biden himself.

That should be the big story today. Not Trump’s rants on Truth Social about his latest legal woes.

Hillary Clinton was also treated with kid gloves by the Justice Department (DOJ) and FBI, even though she destroyed evidence from hard drives and deleted 30,000 emails, some of which may have contained classified information. 

She got off. That was absolutely wrong.

If Republican ex-presidents and current presidential candidates are going to be indicted so should Democrat former Secretaries of State running for president. If not, then we have a partisan, two-tiered justice system.

And I have written about this a lot. But here is where I see things a bit differently.

We are today talking about Donald Trump and his drama, primarily because of Donald Trump. He did this one mostly to himself.

Trump could have avoided this criminal legal battle had he simply turned over all classified materials he had in his possession when asked for them over an 18-month period.

That’s what Joe Biden and former vice president Mike Pence both did when they were discovered to have ‘unknowingly’ kept classified documents after leaving office. They actually turned them over right away. 

Did Biden do more than that, we don’t really know yet. But neither have been charged with any crimes.

And Trump was not charged over any materials or records that he returned. Only those he willfully kept.

Trump first made ludicrous claims about the documents, including that he had declassified them, which he hadn’t. And he fought back in court and delayed and delayed until he was forced to finally give 15 boxes of records to the National Archives and Records Administration.

But a lot more remained.

Then he began obstructing and moving the remaining boxes of records, including classified materials at his home in Florida. Despite repeated efforts by the FBI and DOJ to try to get them back, Trump refused.

And like Watergate, the cover-up is what gets you in trouble.

That is why the FBI finally raided Mar-a-Lago in August of last year. It was an unprecedented action, which I condemned at the time.

We have also since learned that the FBI had preferred to continue trying to get Trump’s lawyers to turn over the remaining classified materials and surveil Trump home in case anyone tried to remove materials, but DOJ insisted on the raid.

Maybe the raid could have been (should have been) avoided, but it was legal. And what the raid uncovered was that Trump had hidden a lot of classified materials in numerous unsecure places in his home.

Further investigation showed that Trump also had admitted on tape that he didn’t have the authority to declassify documents after leaving office, and that he hadn’t done so prior to leaving. He also reportedly flashed highly classified plans to attack Iran in front of the faces of uncleared persons visiting him.

None of this is good for Trump or the nation. The classified documents included “defense and weapons capabilities” of the United States and foreign countries. 

But none of this would have been a legal issue if Trump simply turned over these extremely sensitive national security materials when requested, or at some point over the 18 months in question.

So, now instead of talking about all of the incredible Biden corruption, we are here again talking about Trump-created drama.

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  1. Lets thank the media, the nazi democrat regime, the uneducated fools who keep voting for democrats. Biden has documents all over America. President Trump has his locked up with guards. Democrats are so afraid of President Trump I bet they crap their pants every time he wins against these traitors. Nancy Pelosi has committed treason, Chuck Schumer as threaten the Supreme Court, Nader and Schiff have used taxpayers money for lies and corruption. Hillary Clinton has murdered people over seas and has committed treason. Even Mitch McConnell has used his office for his wife family for drug running. All of Biden’s administration are so unqualified its destroying America. Granholm is the biggest traitor, she is the in pocket of China to get rid of anything the American people use that has oil or gas. You stupid voters still vote for these traitors. Congress doesn’t nothing but get kickbacks from the enemies of America.

  2. Lets get 1 lowly Biden indicted & having trial then see media reaction & knock Joe off balance for campaign
    Then pressure off Trump?


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