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Amanda Head: Lesson NOT Learned – RNC Still Blowing Your Money On Flowers!


Will they ever listen? The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been caught red-handed yet again…

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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  1. SP***Deficit in First 6 Months Above $1 Trillion – Yellen Gives Dire Warning….. Ready for some good financial news? You’ll have to wait. Things are not looking good…Biden has been pissing away trillions in two short years…..jail or impeachment is on the horizon…amigo

  2. So now the RNC is not allowed to purchase flowers? Amanda Head is proving to be desperate for attention. Hey Amanda, how about reporting on all the monies wasted by goverment agencies at large and dig a bit for wasted tax payer monies.

  3. $321,000 on flowers? For real? I can’t afford flowers. My parents told me to watch my pennies and my dollars would take care of themselves. Good advice for the RNC!

  4. That is $321,000 less for god worshiping globalists and their god worshiping, globalist puppes to steal; soros and chester biden and zelensky and his demonrat criminal party and his rino criminal party and all his CRIMINAL organizations .

    • Could not have said it better Vladimir. If a Republican does it, it’s horrible, but Trillions is nothing being taken out of the Americans hard earned money in taxes. All Democrats are CORRUPT. All of them. Now we put to black people back where they ere kicked out, simple because they are black and one had committed many crimes in the past. But that’s OK too. Biden has ruined our country and I wish he would just stay in Ireland.

  5. Why would anyone donate to the RNC? The whole concept is an anachronism. If I want to support a candidate, I can do so directly and cut out the bureaucrats at the RNC. I would make the same argument against the House and Senate Republican action committees. They don’t add any value to the election process and it seems to me it’s just a power play to keep members in line by threatening not to support their campaigns.


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