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Amanda Head: Trump Does More for Ohio Town Victims Than Biden


They say actions speak louder than words…

Former President Trump is stepping up as Joe Biden continues to let Americans down. Less than three weeks ago, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio in an event that could have a devastating impact on the environment and community.

Despite the ongoing chaos, the Biden administration has been slow to act…no surprise there.

Watch Amanda break down the situation below:

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  1. Of course he will do more for Ukraine then any place in America. Remember that Hunter has working ties in Ukraine and Hunter and Joe get money from China and Russia. The Biden’s are Anti-American and have committed treason and are traitors. They should have been arrested 2 months ago for having ‘Classified Documents’ which as a Senator and a Vice-President, he had no legal right to have. And since we know that Hunter’s fingerprints are on some of the documents there should be no doubt that information from those documents were given to China.

  2. god created his globalists and all his globalist puppets; soros and chester biden and zelensky and demonrat criminal party and rino criminal party and media and CRIMINAL organizations so god could create hell on earth for all the good people and heaven on earth for all god scum .

  3. Biden Cartel are nothing more than criminal Squatters in the White House. Their Presidency was an entire scam. The DemonRats went along with
    the show and supported it. GOP could change all that in a heartbeat. Will they? Don’t hold your breath.

  4. How long before god and his globalists and his demonrat criminal party intentionally derail more trains hauling hazardous materials, the god worshiping globalists and his god worshiping demonrat criminal party that create disasters and pretend they are interested in protecting the planet . . . . .


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