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Foreigners Use Biden’s Open Border to Commit Crime in US

Illegal Immigration in the United State via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – News coverage of Joe Biden’s border disaster has dropped considerably since the drama surrounding the end of Title 42 faded. But we still have a border crisis. 

Not only is the border still effectively open, but foreign criminal elements are taking full advantage of it.

And it’s not just Mexican drug cartels.

The expected tsunami of illegal border crossers never fully materialized once Biden allowed Title 42 to expire, partly because Team Biden had already let in so many, and because it more effectively pushed through others without the mobs piling up at the border. 

The drug cartels, human traffickers, and migrants themselves, also began considering new strategies to enter the United States and operate here with impunity.

Foreign criminal groups have been at the forefront of exploiting Biden’s chaotic open border. It is well-documented that Mexican drug cartels control certain border regions.

But it’s not just cartels from Mexico that are coming through undaunted. Criminal gangs from El Salvador, such as MS-13 have been known to operate lucrative and deadly cross-border criminal operations.

And now we are hearing about Romanian mobsters infesting America.

According to the Daily Caller: “Romanian migrants in the country illegally, some of whom are known to have crossed the southern border, are suspected of crimes across the country, according to internal law enforcement alerts…” 

The Caller added:

The law enforcement alerts, which span from Florida to Pennsylvania and New York, warn of Romanians who are suspected of financial crimes and are known to be in the country illegally, and have deportation orders. Border Patrol recorded 5,895 encounters of Romanian migrants in fiscal year 2022 at the southern border, up from … 266 in fiscal year 2020.

The huge influx of Romanians appears to be organized and they focus on defrauding Americans. One senior Border Patrol official told the Daily Caller that many of them have criminal histories that mainly include theft, larceny, fraud, and domestic violence when they’re arrested.

And it’s often a family affair.

“They all have criminal records when they show up. Rarely single adults. They usually show up in family units…” explained the Border Patrol official, adding: “it’s a pain in the ass to get approval for family separation, so that we can house, prosecute the offender.”

“They all claim asylum/credible fear, just like everyone else. Hoping that we’ll process them and release them to the NGOs,” the official added.

Once inside the U.S. they fan out and operate nationwide.

The Caller continued:

In April, Florida law enforcement stopped a vehicle with two Romanian nationals they discovered were in the U.S. illegally who allegedly possessed “fraudulent passports, fraudulent credit cards, $4,000 in U.S. currency, covert cameras concealed to hide (for possible ATM PIN harvesting), (3) skimming devices, a thumb drive, and an ATM pin pad cling device,” an official alert stated.

A device seized from the vehicle allegedly possessed bank information of “thousands of victims.”

An international law enforcement alert in February warned of three Romanians with “open cases with ICE for deportation.” They were allegedly installing credit card “skimming devices” in Pennsylvania Walmart self-checkouts.

So next time your identity is stolen, your credit card hacked, or your bank account emptied, the criminals who did it may just be Romanians who entered the country illegally under Biden.

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  1. Yeah, and when they get caught committing crimes, they get free room and bord and all they can eat. And after they bulk up in the gym, they are released to commit more crimes! What a deal! Build the damn wall!

  2. This was predictable long before Title 42 expired. Most expected it and raised their awareness and ability to protect themselves from these animals. Conservatives often were heard repeating Truman’s famous words: The buck stops here. When our CIC (Coprolite in Chief) flexed his power, conservatives cleaned their protective devices and even laid noise makers in their yards.

    As lawlessness skyrockets in America, it becomes stronger. Until we see widespread conservatism return, many will be harmed and voter hatred of America’s CIC will grow. All this activity has an ignition point and hopefully, our CIC will be gone before that point. If not, good citizens will avenge the harm with violence against the un-American rabble. Nobody wants it but if it doesn’t stop soon, it will run its course.

  3. god created his globalists and his demonrat criminal party and all his CRIMINAL organizations so he could create hell on earth for all good people .


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