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Woke Disney Executives Back Out of Meeting with Victims of Communist Chinese Genocide

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Executives from the liberal Disney corporation are now under fire from Congress for backing out of a meeting with victims of Communist China’s brutal dictatorship, with whom Disney has partnered and is increasingly changing corporate policies to please.

Disney had initially agreed to meet with and listen to members of the ethnic and religious Uyghur community, who are targets of a brutal campaign of genocide by Beijing leaders.  The meeting came after Disney was loudly criticized for ignoring and glossing over Chinese human rights abuses while promoting the film “Mulan,”

U.S. House Select Committee on China Member Jim Banks (R-IN) is now hammering Disney CEO Bob Iger after Disney representatives for cut-off communications with Uyghur advocates and genocide victims and backed out of a promised on-the-record meeting.

“Disney executives pulled out of an off-the-record meeting with Uyghur genocide victims. It couldn’t have been to protect Disney’s public image or bottom line, so maybe the executives were just worried about a good night’s sleep,” said Banks.

“Whatever the reason, Disney publicly praised Chinese Communist Party agencies committing genocide and then privately scorned their victims. It’s time for Disney to own up to its mistakes and make amends,” said Banks.

“In September 2020, U.S. lawmakers and human rights groups from around the world condemned Disney for its decision to film a live-action remake of Mulan in the Xinjiang Uyghur

Autonomous Region (XUAR), the center of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ongoing

genocide against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim groups,” a letter from Banks to Iger begins.

“While filming, Disney cooperated with Chinese security and propaganda authorities active in the XUAR, including ones complicit in Beijing’s human rights atrocities,” Banks reveals.

“(I)n Mulan’s credits, your company thanked several Chinese government agencies

participating in the genocide, including the Public Security Bureau of Turpan, which then President Trump placed on the Commerce Department’s Entity List in 2019 for ‘human rights

violations and abuses’ against Uyghurs and other ethnic groups,” Banks continues.

“Disney’s credits also expressed gratitude to the ‘Publicity Department of CPC Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee,’ the CCP propaganda arm charged with covering up the abuses,” Banks writes.

“Disney never apologized for partnering with and praising Chinese Communist Party agencies

actively engaged in genocide,” Banks adds. 

In response to the initial 2020 criticism, Disney agreed to meet with advocates for Uyghur victims.

Communist China opposes such a meeting, and Disney has now backed out.

“We are writing to request a meeting between you, other Disney executives, and a representative from the Uyghur American Association and the Uyghur Human Rights Project,” Banks writes.

“We have no doubt that such a meeting would prove educational for your company and would be

a simple first step in clarifying to millions of Americans that Disney does, in fact, care about the

Chinese Communist Party’s systematic extermination of minority ethnic groups,” Banks concludes.

Representatives Mike Gallagher, John Moolenaar, Neal Dunn, and Ashley Hinson cosigned Rep. Banks’ letter.

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  1. Boycott everything disney owns. Disney, the parks, their hotels and resorts, disney stores, their tv disney, disney plus, Hulu, freeform and as a reward, china gave them a piece of communist temu also.

  2. Does Disney have a CHINESE NAME?? Maybe they should start using it in all they touch!!! American people are very tired of CHINA FIRST AND AMERICA LAST! Sounds like a very good BUD LIGHT BOYCOTT COMING FOR DISNEY!

  3. So sad to see the self righteous fall from their mighty throne. The King is rolling in his grave at the at the unbelievable shame, greed and disgraceful pretence of those running his dream into the ground. Built on American family values, happiness, things that make dreams come true for young and old is nothing more now than the things that nightmares are made of. Absolutely the ruination of an American institution. It’s like a rare species… by destroying the last one and then there will no more ever again. NO MORE DISNEY

  4. I remember when disney was associated with family values. Now, no more Disney anything for me and my extended family.


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