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Amanda Head: Biden’s Decision to Ostracize Republicans Could Be His Worst Political Move Yet

Amanda Head

President Joe Biden is already one of America’s most hated presidents in modern history but he still magically possesses the uncanny ability to sink his approval numbers even further.

Last week, President Biden who once labeled himself as a “unifier for the country” is now preaching division-literally. During a speech, the President labeled MAGA supporters a “threat to democracy” and Americans are not happy about it.

Watch Amanda break down American’s rightful fury toward Biden HERE.


    • D May, good question. Do you suppose that might have something to do with them being so anxious to disarm all the law abiding American citizens?

  1. Come on people! We all know that Biden is not calling the shots. He is in the retard status at this point, and Obama, and Soros, are leading him like a puppet. Quit trying to think and just vote for every fucxxxg Republican that is on the ballot come November!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It seems to me that a man named Adolph Hitler did pretty much the same things Biden’s doing now. There was another, too. His name was Josef Stalin who said in a speech, “To stay in power we have to lie, cheat, steal and kill.” Seems to me Biden has done a pretty good job of following those rules. And we must ALL remember Biden’s taking orders through the chain of command from George Soros, to Barak Obama, then to Biden. Many don’t recall or perhaps even know that Soros joined Hitler’s Nazi party after watching his entire family loaded into box cars and hauled off to a German concentration camp. The guy is either a yellow coward or a full fledged NAZI. We don’t need people like that in our country or calling the shots. Come to think of it, does anyone even know where Soros is? Or how he managed to accumulate so much money?


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