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Election Forecaster Predicts Trump-backed Murkowski Challenger Will Cruise to Victory

Lisa Murkowski via Wikimedia Commons

RINOs beware.

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski is on the edge of losing her seat in Congress to Trump-endorsed challenger Kelly Tshibaka according to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight.

Alaska’s 2022 race is operating on a 2020 ballot measure in which voters approved ranked-choice voting in the state’s elections, meaning both Tshibaka and Murkowski will appear on the ballot despite being members of the same party. The two women emerged as the top two candidates in the state’s August nonpartisan blanket primary. They will face off with Democrat candidate Patricia Chesbro in November’s general election.

The latest report from FiveThirtyEight revealed the GOP is more-than-likely going to win the seat this November and Tshibaka is considered most likely to emerge with the victory at 53%.

Tshibaka, the Trump-backed Republican challenger who previously served as a commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration, opted to challenge Murkowski after the incumbent senator voted to impeach former President Trump following the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

The Alaska Republican Party voted to censure Murkowski after her impeachment vote.

Originally appointed to the Senate in 2002, Murkowski has long been a swing vote during partisan senate battles, ranking in as the second most liberal Republican senator to a 2017 GovTrack analysis of lawmakers reported. Her ranking put her to the left of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WVa., the senate’s most conservative Democrat, according to Fox News.

According to the latest poll from RealClearPolitics, Tshibaka was reported to have a nine-point advantage over Murkowski.


  1. Markowski needs to go! She is a RINO and should be running as a Democrat. She is not on the side of the average American Citizen.

  2. Hopefully, murkowski will go the same way Cheney did, voted out by her own party! She is another lying rino, and should not be in office. Kelly must win! Send murkowski packing, and change alaska’s Voting laws. Only one candidate per party on the mid-term ballot. That is only fair! Odd that they did this as Palin was running, and projected to win. More cheating going on!

  3. Ranked choice voting must be abolished in all states. It is unfair! One candidate getting the nomination, one candidate on the ballot.

  4. Love to see that RINO get the boot. Not sure which is worse her or that shakey voiced RINO Collins. Send the three stooges Murkowski,Collins and that traitor to Cheney to Ukraine, use them as sandbags.


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