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Evangelical Leader Says Iowa Won’t Support Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC via Wikimedia Commons

Influential Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats is making sure his disapproval of Donald Trump is known.

Less than a week after Vander Plaats officially endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president, the CEO of the Iowa-based Christian conservative group The Family Leader, told the Blaze’s Steve Deace that he’s never supported Trump.

“The number one hurdle for Donald Trump is I’ve never met a dad or a mom or a grandpa or a grandma who have told me they want their son or daughter, grandchild to grow up to be like him,” Vander Plaats said. “That’s a big deal.”

“Iowa will rise up,” he continued. “This is not leadership our country needs.”

The evangelical leader has not been shy about voicing his disapproval of Trump. He told NewsNation earlier this year that voters were “exhausted and tired” and he felt it was time to “turn the page.”

Trump recently turned his focus to criticizing Vander Plaats on his Truth Social account.

“Bob Vander Plaats, the former High School Accountant from Iowa, will do anything to win, something which he hasn’t done in many years,” Trump wrote over the weekend.

“He’s more known for scamming Candidates than he is for Victory, but now he’s going around using Disinformation from the Champions of that Art, the Democrats,” he added.


  1. The globalist puppet, god worshiping, rino or demonrat probably enjoys little boys as much as globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat male voters and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  2. Interesting statement coming from a so-called “evangelical” Christian. He is no more a born-again believer than Pence was and neither are no more “born again” than the peanut farmer President said he was.

  3. This is not about this person’s personal opinion or weather one wants their children to grow up like Trump. My children are allowed to grow up to be themselves as long as we do not get into gender crap and satan worship. Trump is the person for the times and God knows this. This evangelist should know this. I do not follow or do as religious leaders do. They are human. I try to follow God’s word. Sometimes I’m successful; sometimes not. But know one thing, I will follow my own God fearing instincts, not anyone else. Happy to say, I’m not an Iowan who believes like him.


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