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Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign

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While addressing a crowd in his Mar-a-Lago resort former President Donald Trump officially declared his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

“Ladies and gentlemen, America’s comeback starts right now!” Trump said to a cheering crowd.

“The decline of America is being forced upon us by Biden. This decline is not a choice we must accept,” Trump said.

Epoch Times editor Ivan Pentchoukov tweeted shortly before Trump’s speech that tonight’s remarks follow a similar time frame to his initial 2016 campaign announcement.


Former President Donald Trump filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday to run for a third consecutive White House bid, ahead of a planned announcement at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla.

The paperwork listed “Donald J. Trump for President 2024.”

Trump’s main political committee had approximately $70 million in the bank as of mid-October, which could be transferred to a newer super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc.

Trump teased the announcement on Election Day eve at a rally in Ohio to support U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

“I’m going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.,” Trump said toward the end of a rally near Dayton, Ohio, where he was campaigning for a host of candidates in the state, including Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

“We want nothing to distract from the importance of tomorrow,” Trump said.

As Great America News Desk previously reported:

However, while a Republican red tsunami was expected to sweep the midterm elections the results thus far have been disappointing as the GOP has yet to officially win a majority in either chamber. Some conservatives have blamed Trump’s interference as a major factor behind the lackluster results and have expressed hopes he will reconsider his announcement.

Former House Speaker for the GOP, Newt Gingrich, stated on Wednesday that he believes Trump might be reconsidering his plans for 2024.

“I mean, just in my own emails today, [with] the number of people who want somebody other than Trump who have decided, literally overnight, that person is going to be DeSantis, he’s going to find it almost impossible to avoid running,” Gingrich told Just the News. “I think Trump’s got to look at the results and be troubled.”

Trump’s announcement tees up a re-match against Joe Biden, who has said he plans to seek a second term.

This story is developing. Stay with Great America News Desk for updates.


  1. We need President Trump returning America to saner and prosperous times for all Patriots.
    I pray God guides him to a big win in 2024 and helps him bring our country to greatness .. the best it’s ever been for all good people all over the world. We need peace and unity.

  2. Go Donald!!!! As many numb nutts said, you say too much… I disagree. Words have the expectation of intentions. And the lack there of, only reflects upon actions, or lack there of. That is all we have been shown for way too long. The slopes of change will not melt instantly, but over time. However, Trump is the heater that will melt the glaciers and provide true change. We can only hope and pray that it will not be too long before people wake up and get on board. I must admit that I was slow to come up to the Trump Stump back in 2016. However, after watching history, it seems to me that it is evident Trump back in the drivers seat is the only way to turn. Otherwise, I think we are toast.
    We only have one shot at this, and the time is now. If we abandond the hope now and surrender, we will always look back and realize we missed the opportunity.

  3. A lot of politicians focus are the usual, inflation, jobs,crime,education,price of gasoline at the pump,cost of food to feed their families on and on.
    I don’t know if President Trump will stick these tried and true stock and trade questions and answers. I do think he should make it a priority even if he doesn’t discuss it on the campaign trail to actual drain the swamp. Get rid of of 50,000 or so government workers that are helping facilitate the democrats agenda. Even if the tax payers have to keep on paying while they are not at work it would be worth it. Worth it the respect of they wouldn’t be trying to sabotage everything President Trump is trying to accomplish get rid of the FBI agents and their supervisors that think it’s their jobs to enforce political dogma. Get rid of the DOJ officals starting at the top but include the pencil pushers that help People like Merrick Garland weaponize the DOJ to go after political enemies on behalf of the democrats. Don’t raise a big rink or beg about it the democrats will do that for you. Just get this riff raff out of the way so president Trumps accomplishments for the 4 years he’s in office can’t be neutralized the first day in office of the next President that follows him.


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