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Trump Teases ‘Big Announcement’

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What is Donald Trump planning now?

Trump who recently launched his third presidential campaign teased a “big announcement” coming on Thursday.

“AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!” he wrote on Truth Social.

The post contains a video showing Trump as a comic book character of sorts outside Trump Tower.

Trump didn’t share any other details about the upcoming announcement.


  1. Justice is coming at last to Washington and liberal states. And it is coming with overwhelming Shock And Awe‼️ It’s not Republicans, not Trump’s faithful. It is the might of the greatest military the world has ever known bound by oath to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We are a target rich environment. Ooo-RAH🇺🇸🙏🧨🇺🇸🧨🇺🇸🧨🇺🇸🧨🇺🇸

  2. The Marines motto’s ….IT’S HURA. Heard, Understood, Recognized, Acknowledged . And Semper fidelis means..”always faithful”. But keep your head where it’s at, Bill …. we NEED understanding and keeping the radical left from destroying our wonderful America. GOD BLESS AMERICA


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