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Amanda Head: WSJ Poll Weighs Trump 2024


The next presidential election is on Americans minds and pollsters are hoping to sway voters away from Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal is pointing Republicans toward Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, do you plan to listen?

Watch Amanda explain the latest poll results:

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  1. Gov. Ron DeSantis has an obligation here in Florida. He has to finish his term. I’m for President Trump all the way. Trump is the best president we ever had in the United States period. Go Trump 2024.

  2. If you think that our so-called “media” isn’t going to hammer DeSantis as bad , if not worse than Trump, then you are delusional.

  3. Why would DeSantis want to run for President? Why are those people pushing him to run when he has three very young children who need their father at home during their formative years. He does have a life outside of politics.


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