Texas Democrat Snaps on Biden Over Border

    Joe Biden via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Even Democrats say it’s time for Biden to address the crisis at the border.

    Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar strongly criticized the Biden administration’s lack of action at the border, especially as Title 42 is set to expire soon.

    During an interview with CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins, Rep. Cuellar was asked what the effect of rescinding Title 42

    The congressman responded bluntly, stating, “Communities are going to be overwhelmed, not only El Paso. We’ve seen that in the past with the Rio Grande Valley, we’ve seen it in Eagle Pass and Del Rio. They’re going to be overwhelmed. There are just not enough shelters and border processing centers to handle the large numbers of people.”

    Cuellar insisted on treating migrants with compassion but was adamant that we “have to secure the border.” He said, “We can do two things at the same time. We can provide a compassionate way of treating the immigrants that are trying to come in. But at the same time we have to secure the border.”

    He added, “Because the only thing the border control is doing is processing a lot of them to come into the U.S. and then returning some of them under Title 42. If Title 42 goes away, this is going to open up a large number of people coming to border communities.”

    Cuellar urged the president to listen to people who understand the concerns of the local communities rather than just “immigration activists.” He said, “Look, it’s okay to listen to immigration activists. It’s okay to do that. That’s one perspective. But who is listening to the men and women in green and blue and more importantly, who is listening to our border communities?”

    He continued, “I don’t know why they keep avoiding the border and saying there’s other things more important than visiting the border. If there’s a crisis, show up. Just show up!”

    The lawmaker added, “Just showing up at the border would send a strong signal to the communities that he’s there, he cares about the border communities. Just show up. It doesn’t take much to just show up at the border.”


    1. Were not sick of Joe Biden as president…no we are sick of Joe Biden as a human being…a waste of food, devoid of integrity, with no moral hope not even for himself.

    2. He’s waaaay to busy (and important!) to bother. Besides, that would defeat their intent and design, which is to flood the US with illegal immigrant (D) voters.

    3. I a 30 military vet who was wounded in Vietnam in 1970, is more than sick of this senile old man. He and his family are crooks of the highest order. He, his son and his brother need to be arrested and prosecuted.

      Bring back American standards now!

    4. Well Biden about my income tax I will look at it later on.{*j*} I no longer think it important to pay taxes. You talk out of both sides of your face and keep your agenda going. I don`t have enough gas money to go to the post office to mail in taxes. Buck Foe Jiden. Before I never gave your insane ideas a thought. Now you have invaded every space of my life. Buck Foe Jiden.

    5. Joe Biden is a pos who is allowing Fentanyl to kill our people and he is running his crime family, stealing from us and conspiring with our enemies.

    6. Every time the right says something needs to be done about so and so, the left automatically says it is a threat to democracy. Well the biggest threat we have to our democracy is that senile old fool in the white house, and all the left wing stooges that keep him propped up. Why in God’s name the left seems to think that being over run with all these hundreds of thousands of illegals it just fine with them. We know they are trying to destroy our republic, so I guess this is just one more tool they are using to do that. We so need to purge every democrat from all levels of government, from county to national levels, or they will succeed in their mission to destroy these United States of America.

    7. I don’t want these people here. They are lying about being persecuted and only want to come and live off of we the taxpayers. We just cannot afford all this crap. Lets try spending it on our Homeless and children. I pray there is s way to send them ALL back where they came from.


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