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Trump To Deliver Remarks In Chesapeake, Virginia

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Donald J. Trump plans to deliver remarks in Chesapeake, Virginia on Friday, June 28th at 3 pm.

Trump released a statement:

Joe Biden’s America is expensive. Bidenflation has spiked the cost of goods by more than 20% under Biden, costing Virginia households more than $27,000. 

It costs more to eat, drive, and live under Joe Biden. Virginians have spent $9,173 more on transportation, $4,210 more on energy, $3,115 more on food, and $5,547 more on shelter on average since January 2021. 

It’s not only more expensive to live in Virginia thanks to Joe Biden, but also more deadly. Biden’s pro-criminal and open border policies have caused a 22.8% increase in fentanyl overdoses from 2020-2021 and another 1,951 Virginians killed by fentanyl poisoning in 2022. 

Virginia, a place that President Trump loves, has been decimated by weak Joe Biden. 

President Trump will ease the financial pressures placed on households and re-establish law and order in this country! We can Make America Great Again by tackling lawlessness head-on, ceasing the endless flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border, and reversing the detrimental effects of inflation by restoring people’s wealth. 

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Doors open at 11 am and Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks at 3 pm at Historic Greenbrier Farms.

Check back for a live stream of the event below:


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