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Amanda Head: Biden Admin Leaves Americans In The Dark As Usual


Joe Biden prefers to keep Americans in the dark…especially when it comes to his administration’s many many mistakes.

Watch Amanda break down the latest scandal below:

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  1. Never in the history, of the united states,have we had such an incompetent,arrogant,delusional,demented,narcistic,pretending,puppet,president,and an incompetent administration, that has damaged our country beyond repair,with idiotic,policies,and spending that has caused the biggest inflation ever in the country.Hidenbiden and his circus of clowns, just keep messing up,one crisis after another.pathetic

  2. I believe the point George Soros and his deep state traitors are making is that, the citizens are slaves to be fleeced by his criminal tyrannical government! And that is as good as it is going to get!

  3. Just look at the Ohio disaster, the citizens are to suffer and no one will be held to account, that is how tyrannical governments operate!

  4. I’d like to know WHY we’re keeping this corrupt Biden and his Socialist Regime in office? Biden and his entire admin. need to be booted the hell out of the WH and Congress. If we don’t get tough now and show some people get fired for Non-American Activities that are going on with Biden in office, we are going to lose our country. Where’s Buttigeig and Biden when these catastrophes are happening? When they do show, we get no rational explanations from them and then they blame President Trump. All I know is, with Trump we wouldn’t be in this horrible position we’re in now. I want to see Biden and the Socialists thrown the hell out NOW. Besides everything else, they’re now polluting our country with chemicals from the train spill. Biden and his regime HAVE GOT TO GO NOW!


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