Amanda Head: Kamala Gets Roasted On Comedy Central

    Kamala Harris via Wikimedia Commons

    Vice President Kamala Harris is a laughing stock in the political realm and now even Comedy Central writers are taking notice…

    Watch what Amanda has to say below:


    1. I must ask , “What sentient being , can remotely say that Kamala Harris is intelligent , much less worthy of being Vice-President”? She must be held accountable for her “misspeaks, word salads, and her overall inability to function” .If a poster child was ever made for ” dumbest ever, or most obtuse ever , or slut of all times” , the award must got to Kamala. The second award would have to go to the DNC , for ever allowing such an abysmal failure to run for , much less get on the ballot for any position . I thought AOC to be dumb, self aggrandizing , economics obtuse , a liar, and a drunk, however Kamala passes her on all levels.


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