Amanda Head: Suppressed Jan. 6 Footage To Be Released!


    This is big. Previously suppressed footage from the Jan. 6th Capitol riot is finally being shared with multiple news outlets.

    Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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    1. We know Pelosi lied thru her teeth to make people think she was threatened when she was running around being in a document her daughter was making. Pelosi told Trump she did not want additional security knowing nothing was going to happen. She lied to Trump & to the american people knowing all of this beforehand. She knew DOJ, FBI agents were undercover encouraging people to enter the Capitol. She lied again about knowing this ahead of time. She knew her “sham” of a committee was lying thru their teeth, Schiff, Cheney. And, allowing innocent people to be put in jail.
      Pelosi is a total dirt bag & should be in jail. Hopefully, when Trump is elected by a landslide in 2024, Pelosi will pay with consequences.


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