Biden Challenger Signals Openness To Being Haley’s VP


    Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips could turn this election on its head…

    During a recent interview the long-shot primary challenger to President Biden said he was open to running alongside Nikki Haley as a “unity ticket.”

    “I think it’s a conversation that Ambassador Haley and I should have, if that’s what this comes down to,” Phillips said in a Thursday interview on Minneapolis’s News Talk 830 WCCO, first highlighted by Mediaite

    Phillips said “in the event of a Donald Trump victory this November,” he thinks “any American who opposes that, should celebrate, encourage and inspire an alternative that can actually win and lead our country in the way that people want, and I think anybody, including myself, should keep open minds and hearts about that.”

    “I hope Nikki Haley does, and I think America could be very well served by some type of a bipartisan ticket that restores faith in government and most importantly, demonstrates to the world — to the world — that America can work together and restore its extraordinary brand around the entire world,” Phillips said.

    The Minnesota Democrat repeatedly argued that Democrats should nominate someone else to take on Biden before ultimately jumping into the race himself.



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