Byron Donalds Endorses Donald Trump’s 2024 Campaign

    Byron Donalds via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Lawmakers are metaphorically shouting their support for Donald Trump from the rooftops.

    On Thursday, popular Florida Rep. Byron Donalds announced he’s endorsing the former President’s most recent campaign for the White House.

    In a statement circulated by the pro-Trump Make America Great Again PAC, Donalds said Trump is the “one leader” who can get the U.S. “back on track.”

    “There is only one leader at this time in our nation’s history who can seize the moment and deliver what we need – to get us back on track, provide strength and resolve, and Make America Great Again. That is why I’m honored to endorse President Donald J. Trump for President in 2024, and I ask my fellow Americans to join me,” Donalds said.

    Trump has secured support from two other Florida Republicans: Rep. Matt Gaetz, a close congressional ally, and freshman Rep. Anna Paulina Luna.

    Donalds withheld support from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for some of this year’s protracted Speakership election, opting against voting for him on nine out of 15 ballots. Donalds himself was nominated for the top job on several ballots, accumulating votes from a number of his colleagues. McCarthy ultimately won the gavel on the 15th ballot.

    Before the Speakership battle, Donalds challenged Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) for the post of House Republican Conference Chair, which the New Yorker won in a closed-door vote.


    1. Agree completely…..give Trump his deserved 4 more years and another crack at the swamp….I think he’ll go into it this time even more with is eyes wide open…..and guns ablazin’…..metaphorically….of course….not to mention it would set their hair on fire. I refuse to let them tell me who I can…and cannot have as President. Also…then DeSantis for the following eight after Trump and that should take care of them….at least it’s a start…..but we need to stay on top of the election…to make sure there isn’t a repeat of last time….very critical…or it won’t matter who we run…..


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