CNN Boss Says Left’s ‘Uninformed Vitriol’ Caught Him Off Guard

    CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

    CNN boss Chris Licht recently told The New York Times that he was caught off guard by the amount of “uninformed vitriol” he’s faced from the left over his effort to steer the network away from its hyper-partisan image.

    In May, Licht officially became CNN’s president and he wasted no time before implementing major staffing and programming changes, triggering outcries of panic from the left.

    “The uninformed vitriol, especially from the left, has been stunning,” Licht told the Times. “Which proves my point: so much of what passes for news is name-calling, half-truths and desperation.”

    Instead, Licht told the Times that he wanted the network to offer a “rational conversation about polarizing issues,” adding that he hoped viewers would “take what they’ve heard to the dinner table and have a discussion.”

    “That’s a dream of mine,” Licht said.

    “I want CNN to be essential to society,” Licht told the Times. “If you’re essential then the revenue will follow.”

    Since taking over the network Licht has decided to shift former primetime host Don Lemon to a morning talk show while other network pundits like Brian Stelter and Chris Cillizza got the axe.

    Remaining network employees also seem to have incrementally shifted away from over-the-head attacks on Republicans, however, they still undoubtedly remain biased. The small rhetoric change marks a shift in what the network had devolved into over the years which was more akin to reality television than any trustworthy reporting.

    However, while Licht’s big ideas for CNN are still a long way from being realized the network says he doesn’t;t plan to stray from his current course of action- even if the left isn’t happy about it.

    “Maybe it won’t work,” Mr. Licht said. “But I’d rather try to win this way.”


    1. He ought to follow Elon’s lead with his deranged employees, “if you can’t work like a ratiinal person, leave! [paraphrase]”

    2. I never watch CNN and never plan to – they have contributed to the destruction of our American values and traditions, lied over and over again about Trump and republicans and their motives which they don’t agree with, and have NO REMORSE about anything they have done to destroy our country! No forgiveness EVER!

    3. It’s almost like he REALLY thought he took over a “NEWS CHANNEL”. Dude, it’s CNN “COMPLETELY NOT NEWS”. The things that you just said about the left is the end product of what CNN has been producing. What sucks it that there was a time when CNN actually DID report serious NEWS.

    4. The fact that he thinks Don Lemon is “salvageable” somehow foreshadows the failure of his grandiose plan. The notions he wants Americans to discuss around the dinner table are not American institutions, customs, religions, the Constitution or Bill of Rights, they are un-American ideas that Marxist, socialist, fascists, are trying to force on the citizens. Racism, trans LGBIGOT beliefs that are not biological truths, social justice, wokeness, ESG, CRT, referendum democracy instead of representative democracy, single party rule, American mediocrity, social credit scores, virtual money, are all un-American ideas embraced by the old CNN. If these are not jettisoned along with the people who kept these false ideas alive for the democrats, socialists, Marxists, and progressives in our government, nothing will change.

    5. Although I have not been a CNN watcher for a very long time, there was a time when I considered them a “news” organization and I respected them. As a matter of fact there was a time when I was laid up in bed with a back problem for a week and I watched CNN continuously during that time. I am (full disclosure) a hard-core conservative I still am willing to listen and discuss all subjects respectfully regardless of the subject i.e. politics. I like the way Mr. Licht presented his ideas and I will give them a chance when the subject of politics comes up. Good luck sir.

    6. Chris Licht clearly does not have a clue as to what is going on in the world or in the profession called the “main CNNstream media” and seems to know less about CNN prior to his take over. Best of luck Chris finding the way to the real truth. You will not find it at CNN!!!!


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