Democrat Congressman Back Pedals After Trump Threat

    Image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    A Democrat lawmaker is apologizing after calling to “eliminate” Donald Trump.

    Rep. Dan Goldman (D-Ny) made the incendiary comments during a recent MSNBC interview.

    “This man [Trump] cannot see public office again,” he told former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. “He’s not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy and he has to be- he has to be eliminated.”

    Goldman’s comment was particularly ironic given he had just argued Trump’s “rhetoric is really getting dangerous, more and more dangerous.” 

    However, it was;t long before Goldman issued an apology for his comments toward the former President.

    “Yesterday on TV, I mistakenly used the wrong word to express the importance for America that Donald Trump doesn’t become President again,” he wrote on X. “While he must be defeated, I certainly wish no harm to him and do not condone political violence. I apologize for the poor choice of words.”


    1. No doubt congressman Goldman would like to eliminate George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson from history, thinks Lincolns assassination was a good thing and wants Fascist/Marxist Obama to be President for life.

      • I am sure your are correct about Goldman. Evidently he never enrolled “Logic” during his school years. While Trump is not my favorite person in this world, his policies resulted in the USA again becoming #1 in this world while Obiden is a total embarrassment and has always been a disgusting creep. I fail to understand how voters cannot see the HUGE difference between the the former President, whose policies protected and economically benefited our nation, and the mentally unfit, morally bankrupt jerk now in office.

    2. Another communist ignoramus is Daniel Goldman. The party of Biden is ruthless and corrupt with no knowledge in their lexicons of truth and voracity.

    3. You have to removed this Congressman was involved in a of Trumps impeachments and the January 6 committee. He has terminal TDS. Ironically his office in New York was vandalized by pro Palestinian radicals .

    4. Democrats just don’t want to be outshined again. President Trump did so much good for our country. Anybody remember $2 gas? Anybody remember international trade agreements that actually benefitted OUR country? Anybody remember full employment? Anybody remember low inflation? Anyone remember reasonable food prices? And, on and on and on. All of this Biden has done his best to destroy! But, you dems, you just keep voting blue…eventually you will bring our country to ruin.

    5. Typical Demo Rat. Criminals liars and theives. He meant what he said the first time. Don’t believe for s minute he had any remorse.

    6. Ever the way of pols when they get caught – ‘I was misquoted’ or ‘that’s not what I meant’ or (my favorite) ‘the right doesn’t understand nuance’. What he really wanted to say was ‘eliminated with extreme prejudice’ – prove me wrong.


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