DeSantis, Aides Involved in Minor Car Wreck On Campaign Trail

    Police image via Pixabay free images

    Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was involved in a minor car accident while traveling to a campaign stop on Tuesday morning.

    DeSantis and his team were uninjured, according to his campaign. 

    “This morning, the governor was in a car accident while traveling to an event in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” said Bryan Griffin, press secretary for DeSantis’s campaign. 

    “We appreciate the prayers and well wishes of the nation for his continued protection while on the campaign trail.”

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      • Everyone who wants a candidate that would win against Joke Biden cares! Unlike Trump who has close to zero chance in general election. Ron D would also deliver, instead of simply blabber.

    1. IF he is not a globalist puppet, rino criminal party he would not be running against anti globalist Trump, only globalist puppet, rino criminal party will run against anti globalist Trump .

      • Except for someone who wants to be president. He could have all the same views as Trump and still want to be president

      • Ron D has a perfect record as America’s best governor—also fearless against the leftists. And very likely winner against Joke B. Nothing wrong with us actually winning! Rather than lose the gen election with Trump.
        Choice is clear: DeSantis or Dementia


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