DeSantis Super PAC Knocks Nikki Haley Over Thinly-Veiled Disney Jab

    The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    A political action committee supporting a potential White House bid by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis targeted presidential candidate Nikki Haley following what appeared to be a veiled jab over his aggressive approach to Disney’s increasingly woke antics in the state.

    In a video posted on social media, Never Back Down responded to Haley’s appearance on Fox News in which she invited Disney to move its operations to South Carolina, the state where she was once governor, from Florida. 

    The video included what it said were clips of Disney “officials” touting the company’s use of “LGBTQIA characters,” a “not at all secret gay agenda” and attempted to tie Haley to that highly scrutinized side of the company with a new nickname, “Mickey Haley.”

    “I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness,” one individual in the video said, while another appeared to tout giving”information about gender affirmation procedures.”

    Some of the individuals in the video said they were trying to put things they believe into Disney’s shows, as well as target Gen Z and Millennials. It also included a clip of a drag queen discussing Disney-inspired books.

    The video then ended with a clip from Haley’s Fox interview saying she would “welcome” Disney to South Carolina.

    Haley’s comments came on the heel of a lawsuit filed by Disney against DeSantis on Wednesday, claiming “government retaliation.” (RELATED: Disney Sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis)

    The lawsuit came about a week after DeSantis said Florida’s Republican legislature would act to stop Disney’s current apparent effort to work around the oversight of its Florida property.


    1. Well Nikki just lost my support. We don’t need anyone else in the White House pushing the woke agenda.


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