Don Jr. Signs Multimillion Deal with Video Streaming Platform

    Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Donald Trump Jr. is taking his talents to Rumble.

    The former president’s oldest son has reportedly signed a seven-figure multi-year deal to host a podcast with the conservative social media website Rumble.

    According to The Hill, “Triggered” will debut later this month, streaming on Rumble and available on Locals, Rumble’s subscription platform, where following each episode, Trump Jr. will take live questions from viewers.

    Rumble has emerged in recent years as a smaller alternative to YouTube, formed amid long-held, unsubstantiated assertions from conservatives that Big Technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, and YouTube parent company Google are biased against their viewpoints

    “While other Big Tech companies are focused on censoring dissent, Rumble is building a platform that welcomes it, which is why so many content creators — all over the political spectrum — are now joining them,” he said in a statement this week.

    The official deal with Rumble comes as Don Jr. has seen his following on the platform skyrocket since his father left the White House.


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