Ex-Obama Official Warns What A Second Trump Win Means For SCOTUS

    Duncan Lock, Dflock, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    A second Trump presidency will have a lasting impact…

    Former adviser to President Barack Obama recently predicted on a podcast that if Trump wins the November election he will secure a “MAGA court majority” for years to come.

    Pod Save America co-host Dan Pfeiffer sounded alarm bells over the former President’s past Supreme Court picks and cautioned listeners against supporting the presumed Republican nominee.

    “Think about the stakes of the Supreme Court. If Donald Trump wins, he will almost certainly get two more appointments. By the end of Trump’s second term — were he to win — [Clarence] Thomas will be 82, [Samuel] Alito will be 78,” he said.

    Pfeiffer and his co-hosts agreed the pair will “definitely” be retiring in a second Trump term. Pfeiffer also noted Justice Sonia Sotomayor will also be 72 when Trump would be leaving a second term.

    Trump would ultimately have five appointments to the Supreme Court, creating a “MAGA” majority for decades, the political advisor argued.

    “If he gets two appointments, that means he will have appointed five Supreme Court Justices, all of whom will be around or below the age of 60 when he leaves office,” he said. “That is a court majority — a MAGA court majority that will rule for decades. We can win the next however many presidential elections and absent something sort of extraordinary happening, Trump’s fingerprints will be all over the Supreme Court and so I think we should make this a big issue.”


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