Ex-White House Lawyer Says Supreme Court Could Rule Unanimously In Trump Case

    Duncan Lock, Dflock, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb predicted the U.S. Supreme Court will rule “9-0” in favor of former President Trump in a potential appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling.

    On Tuesday, The Colorado Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to remove Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot. (RELATED: Colorado Supreme Court Rules On Trump Ballot Ban)

    Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Trump’s campaign, has already vowed the Trump campaign will appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority and includes three justices nominated by the former President. 

    “The Supreme Court though will not hesitate to move quickly on this; they know what the stakes are. They know what their responsibility is,” Cobb continued. “And they can delay some of these Colorado dates to the extent that they feel they’re obligated to or have to.”

    “I think this case will be handled quickly. I think it could be 9-0 in the Supreme Court for Trump,” Cobb said in an interview on CNN, adding later, “I do believe it could be 9-0, because I think the law is clear.”

    “The real key issue in this case is — is Trump an officer in the United States in the context in which that term is used in the Article 3 of the 14th Amendment,” Cobb said. “And in 2010, Chief Justice [John] Roberts explained in free enterprise that people don’t vote for officers of the United States.”

    Cobb further argued the ruling “vindicates” Trump’s “insistence that this is a political conspiracy to interfere with the election and that … he’s the target and people shouldn’t tolerate that in America.”

    Colorado’s Supreme Court put its ruling on hold until Jan. 4 to allow Trump to first seek review from the U.S. Supreme Court. 


    1. Yet it’s strange, though not unanticipated, that the Left claims that Trump if reelected will use executive agencies as political weapons by asking the DOJ to prosecute those who’ve committed crimes such as was done in the seditious Russia Hoax (Mr. Obama et al.) and the use of the Deep State to UNLAWFULLY persecute him.

      The Left and the seditious socialist Democrats claim Trump is a wanna-be dictator, but it’s both Mr. Obama and Biden who’ve used executive agencies to pursue, oppress, persecute political enemies, and have attempted to severely restrict the Bill of Rights. It is they who’ve rejected the rule of constitutional law.

    2. The full decision by the Colorado Supreme Court includes the following provision:
      Therefore, to maintain the status quo pending any review by the U.S. Supreme
      Court, we stay our ruling until January 4, 2024 (the day before the Secretary’s
      deadline to certify the content of the presidential primary ballot). If review is
      sought in the Supreme Court before the stay expires on January 4, 2024, then the
      stay shall remain in place, and the Secretary will continue to be required to include
      President Trump’s name on the 2024 presidential primary ballot, until the receipt
      of any order or mandate from the Supreme Court.

      As it is absolutely GUARANTEED such review WILL be sought, this decision WILL NOT even allow Trump to be removed from the ballot in Colorado. Therefore, it is nothing more than a headline that can’t serve any purpose other than attempting to influence the election.
      I suspect the reason it was unsigned is that signing it would literally be a confession to abusing the position of abusing the office of Supreme Court judge to interfere with the election.


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