Georgia Governor Shoots Down Request To Criminally Probe Fani Willis

    Georgia National Guard from United States, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) dismissed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) request to open a criminal investigation into District Attorney Fani Willis (D).

    Last week, the MAGA Congresswoman called on Kemp to open an investigation into Willis’ corruption after the prosecutor was accused of having an affair with the special prosecutor who assisted in securing a grand jury indictment against former President Donald Trump. (RELATED: Fani Willis Accused Of Hiring Lover As Key Prosecutor, Court Docs Reveal)

    Kemp told Newsweek in a statement that Greene had “every right” to refer her complaint to Georgia lawmakers, calling the accusations against Willis “deeply troubling.”

    “Evidence should be presented quickly,” Kemp said. “Georgians need to be able to have confidence in this trial and the Georgia General Assembly laid out a specific process to investigate matters such as these. The Congresswoman has every right to refer her complaint to the oversight commission once it commences full operations.”

    Republicans and allies close to Trump criticized Kemp’s decision to avoid conflict. “That’s bullshit,” said Mike Davis, a Republican operative close to Trump’s world. “He has statutory power right now to order a criminal investigation.”

    Greene explained that a committee process, in general, is a good idea but said action against Willis is an urgent matter. “Governor Kemp and our state Attorney General Chris Carr need to step in and do the job that they have the power to do, and that is to launch a criminal investigation into Willis and Nathan Wade,” Greene exclusively told Breitbart News.

    “What I’m focused on is the fact that I believe our governor and our state attorney general should use their power,” she continued. “They have the power to go after a state district attorney who is abusing her power to go after the former president of the United States.”


    1. The GOP governor and his State Attorney General are either gutless wonders or Trump haters of the rino variety when it comes to quite obvious improprieties by the Fani Wonder Attorney. She is quite corrupt and is being directed by Biden in a banana republic type of endeavor.

      Is Georgia a recall state? If so, might be time to give Kemp a big pain in the rear by an obviously Trump leaning state. At least bomb the governor with complaints!


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