Longtime Trump Supporter Ditches Ex-President, Endorses GOP Rival

    Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    A longtime Trump supporter is cutting ties with the former President, instead choosing to endorse Nikki Haley to become the Republican nominee.

    Andrew Stein, the son of the late publishing giant Jerry Finkelstein, served as the president of the New York City Council as a Democrat before crossing party lines to support Trump in the past two elections.

    However, in a scathing Wall Street Journal op-ed on Friday, Stein made it absolutely clear that he was moving on from Trump and holds serious concerns about the former president’s ability to be reelected.

    Mediaite has more:

    “Mr. Trump’s poll numbers show him with a clear path to the Republican nomination and rising ahead of Joe Biden. Given his mounting legal troubles, however, today’s polling may prove irrelevant. If Mr. Trump is found guilty of some of the charges against him, voters would have to choose between an old felon and an old fool,” Stein wrote in the Journal.

    While making the case that Trump is an electoral liability, Stein also argued that Haley is best positioned to win over independents.

    “Ms. Haley is likely to have a broader appeal than Mr. Trump for independents and suburbanites, especially women,” Stein wrote, adding:

    The Democrats hope he wins the nomination and is convicted of felonies, leading him to lose the presidential election. Republicans need to consolidate around Ms. Haley so they have a credible nominee who can take on any Democrat.


    1. An ex-Democrat in New York City, knows perfectly well, the corruption of slimy Democrats and that their strategy is to tar and feather Trump to keep him from winning over stupid and gullible American voters. Trump was certainly one of the best Presidents we have ever had. I can’t say that Stein was one of the best Presidents on the corrupt Democratic-run NYC Council, many of whose members belonged in jail, but for the idiot voters.

    2. I wish Trump would get off the stages everywhere. Polls have to be of all parties and results will show Trump losing. If they only poll Republicans…silly. Poll Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters. What are the results against Boden who is even worse than Trump?

    3. The U.S. should not send a woman to the Middle East in light of the way they are treated in that part of the world. The area needs a tough man.

    4. Wow! Didn’t Stein just show that he’s a Rino at heart? Nikki Haley, will never get to the gate to be President. All Maga’s know that the people backing her are Rino’s !!! That means she does not agree with the Republicans who stand for a Republic not a democracy. In addition, I never vote for quitters! She quit Israel. Bad move… Besides, I haven’t heard her say one thing that differs from all the Trump speeches other than she believes in the woman’s right to her own body, which means abortion.


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