Pence Breaks Silence on Shocking Biden Document Discovery

    Mike Pence via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Former Vice President Mike Pence is speaking out on the shocking of classified documents from President Biden’s time as vice president.

    Biden’s attorney discovered the classified documents in a private office in November. Since then, the incident was passed on to the Justice Department for further investigation that the White House is cooperating with, Richard Sauber, special counsel to Biden, said.

    Pence said that the discovery of classified materials at a think tank compared to the FBI’s unprecedented search of former President Trump’s private residence and subsequent media swarm proved a “double standard.”

    “It’s just incredibly frustrating to me,” Pence said on the “Hugh Hewitt Show.” “But the original sin here was the massive overreach.”

    The former VP said this search created a standard that the FBI could execute a search warrant at a former president’s personal residence.

    Pence also reasoned that the Biden administration should appoint the same special counsel for investigation in Biden’s papers, instead of a U.S. attorney, as they did for Trump.

    “But having now created that standard and now abandoned that standard when the current president of the United States is found to have had classified documents in his possession after leaving office, I have no words right now,” Pence said.

    “But the willingness of the national media to just turn away and turn a deaf ear to the Biden, to the disclosures that when Vice President Biden left office, he left with classified documents as well, it just shows you, it’s like I said before,” Pence added. “If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.”

    “What they have unleashed now has the threat of coming back on them,” Pence said.

    Former President Trump is under investigation for more than 100 classified documents were removed from his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, by FBI agents in August. Th


    1. What do you mean the National Media has no standards?? Sure they do! If you are a Dimocrat you can do no wrong; if you are a Republican you can do no right. What’s so complicated?

    2. Spot on my friend. Bet ya Biden will as well as the Matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family Hillary Clinton. The FBI standrd of her case was she had no criminal intent. This USA is now just the newest “Banana Republic” of these Americas.

    3. I had a security clearance for most of my life, from Confidential to Top Secret Crypto. When I was attending Navy Nuclear Propulsion School, our training materials were all confidential. Our class notes were also considered Confidential. So we could not take any study material home. When I needed to study, I had to come into the school at night.

    4. Biden continues to make me miss Trump more each day with his stupidity. None of us cam claim to be perfect but some imperfections are definitely worse then others. The WORST ARE THE THE ONES CONNECTED TO BIDEN who told us beforehand that he had the most extensive ever set up to win the election. I still have the picture of him saying those words.


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