Prominent National Conservative Group Distances Itself From Trump

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    The Club for Growth has invited six possible Republican presidential candidates to its annual donor retreat. Former President Donald Trump isn’t one of them.

    The anti-tax super PAC spent $150 million in the past two election cycles boosting GOP candidates across the country. Its leader, David McIntosh, believes the Republican Party’s chances of reclaiming the White House in two years’ time will be significantly diminished if Trump becomes the party’s nominee.

    Now, McIntosh wants to do all he can to introduce major donors to other possibilities.

    The New York Times reports:

    “The party should be open to another candidate,” Mr. McIntosh said, suggesting that Republicans had already lost too many elections with Mr. Trump as the face of the party.

    The group and the former president clashed during last year’s Ohio GOP Senate primary. Trump sent McIntosh a vulgar message less than one month after graciously introducing him at a rally.

    In OHSEN, Trump had expected McIntosh from the Club for Growth to stop supporting Mandel after Trump backed Vance. The Club aired a new spot today featuring Vance quotes criticizing Trump in the past. Trump had his assistant send McIntosh a text saying, “Go f*^% yourself.” April 21, 2022

    The Times continues:

    Mr. McIntosh insisted that there was no personal animosity guiding the group’s interest in seeking another option for the 2024 nomination. Instead, he said that Mr. Trump had proved to be toxic among general election voters, adding that Republicans had lost elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022 on the former president’s watch.

    Mr. Trump’s standing among Republicans dipped in public opinion polls in November and December. In addition to being largely blamed for the Republicans’ disappointing midterm season, he was also roundly criticized after hosting a private dinner — a week after his campaign announcement — with Kanye West, who has been denounced for making antisemitic statements, and Nick Fuentes, an outspoken antisemite and prominent young white supremacist.

    What do you think? Is Trump the strongest nominee to win in 2024? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


    1. Between the Club for Growth (which they are really the Club for Socialism) and the Koch Brothers (which should the Cocaine Cartel Brothers) I don’t know which is the more anti-capitalist anti-freedom and anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. They just are haters of a Trump because tried to restore America to greatness and they hate America, but love Communist China.

    2. Trump has become a pariah to many conservatives and many independents. I love what he did for our country. The vibrant economy, the oil industry being dominant on the world stage, his ability to stand up to Iran, Russia, and China and keep them all very quiet. But he is his own worst enemy with his words that turn people off and offend many. DeSantis running with Nicki Haley would be my dream ticket.

    3. President Trump will win the election in 2024 and will turn around our country’s descent into chaos and destruction. Those who dismiss him will only divide the party instead of uniting around him. We need a fighter!!! Warts and all, Trump is our best bet.

    4. Donald Trump is the only one who can save our country. He doesn’t cave to special interest groups and he’s not afraid to stand up to our sworn enemies. He proved he can do the job and he shows his love and respect for our country.

    5. I wasn’t a Trump supporter in 2016. Like so many politicos he was long on promises. I’ll rebuild our military, reduce government regulations, blah, blah. His opponent was Hillary. You think Biden is bad? I pulled the lever for Trump. Much to my surprise, He did what he said he would do! In 2020 I was an informed and enthusiastic Trump supporter. What we need more is 4 more for Donald. Then 8 for DeSantis.

    6. A Republican group being anti-Trump. Golly, when will Republicans turn their sights and negative comments onto Democrats instead of Republicans. Trump has every right to be supported by this group. Not inviting him makes him even more desirable. Trump is the only one with the guts, fortitude and absolute will to get in there and get things accomplished. The others just make promises.


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