Report: President Bill Clinton Among Those Hidden In Epstein Documents

    Hillary Clinton via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Former President Bill Clinton is going to be identified as one of several John Does in previously redacted documents related to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein according to reports.

    Fox News’ Alexandria Hoff reported Monday that Clinton “is not the only big name expected to be released.” 

    Fox News has more:

    “There are more than 150 individuals identified only as John or Jane Does, but the legal masking is about to come off,” Hoff said Monday on “FOX & Friends.” 

    Last month, a federal judge in New York ordered the unsealing of dozens of documents naming people linked to the disgraced financier.

    “The Manhattan federal judge ruled that there was no justification to continue to have documents sealed in a settled case involving an Epstein accuser,” Hoff said. “The documents are expected to be unredacted and released as early as tomorrow, and among those named, former President Bill Clinton, that’s according to ABC News.”

    ABC News reported Sunday that Clinton will be named but “there is no indication the sealed records contain evidence of illegal conduct” by the former president. Clinton is mentioned more than 50 times in the redacted filings, ABC News reported. 

    Epstein, already a convicted sex offender in Florida, died at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York while awaiting federal trial for sex trafficking in 2019. His death was ruled a suicide. 


    1. I really hope they name the girls and their ages! Then the scumbags can really be properly prosecuted as child predators!


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