Report: Billionaires Are Flocking To Trump

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    Big news for Trump…

     New reports indicate that big names in finance are opting in to support former President Trump despite his controversies.

    According to a report from Politico, a number of billionaires are willing to shake off personal concerns about Trump and embrace him for 2024. Some of the titans include Point Bridge Capital founder Hal Lambert, hedge fund executive Nelson Peltz and hotel mogul Robert Bigelow.

    “Historically, some of the way Trump treats people doesn’t sit well with them when you have choices, but there’s really not many choices anymore,” Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon said Wednesday on “FOX & Friends.” 

    The change in attitude is largely due to Trump’s “pro-business” policies and previous standing on the world stage, Dundon said. 

    Dundon highlighted the Biden administration’s collective “nonsense” is contributing to growing support for Trump among the Wall Street elite in addition to everyday Americans.

    “Some of the things have gotten to where it’s hard to support nonsense,” he told host Brian Kilmeade.


    1. Just HOW MANY lies does it take to impeach a president? Seems old Joey has done his limit!!! Old Joey can’t open his mouth but there’s another lie!!! We need someone with a backbone that DOESN’T lie!!! WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP IN THE WORST WAY!!! Old Joey doesn’t know what to do and I don’t know where he is getting his ideas from. Whoever is leading the Democrap Party is DEFFINATELY NOT DOING A GOOD JOB!!!


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