This is What Byron Donalds Got In Exchange for Voting McCarthy as Speaker

    Byron Donalds via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    After an epic 15-rounds of voting the U.S. House of Representatives finally have a Speaker.

    Kevin McCarthy’s road to the Speaker’s office was filled with twists, turns, and a number of concessions as the California lawmaker desperately fought to convince nearly 20 hardline Republicans to sway their votes in his favor.

    Rep. Byron Donalds (Fla.) was among a group of 20 hardline Republicans who refused to vote for McCarthy after he initially voted in his favor. He later switched to support Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) before his fellow Republicans nominated him for the role. 

    Ultimately, Donalds revealed to Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo that he is being placed on the House Republican Steering Committee in exchange for supporting Kevin McCarthy for House speaker. 

    “I’m frankly just happy that it’s all over with, and that we got something transformational and sound for the American people,” Donalds said. 

    The committee’s purpose is to assign fellow Republicans to other House committees. Donalds noted that his appointment to the Steering Committee was an important step to having “more [Republican] voices on more committees.”

    “Early on I gave Kevin the benefit of the doubt. But it came pretty quickly clear to me that we were getting nowhere. And so, at that point, it was saying, ‘OK, how long is this going to go? What’s this going to play out like?’” Donalds said. “And so it was really about trying to make sure that we can get people to the table in order to construct a framework that everybody in our conference can get behind.”


    1. How much money did it cost the hard working American tax payers for globalist puppet soros to bribe enough votes for globalist puppet mccarthy . . . . .

    2. With political machination being what it is, to a degree, each politician becomes a puppet of others who have their own puppets. Although politics are the driving force for most, if not all, things and events world wide. I think that every plan has points where “poisoning the well” is possible. It is likely, in my view, that everyone involved in a “perfect plan” is foolish enough to create their own prison. There will always be strategic maneuvers to get what you want. The result is going to fall short of the needs of desire. New strategy, new game. New angle, new deflection. Haven’t there been enough petty self worshiping strategic games. Yes, some kind of political action will be required to come to a cessation of hostilities among Americans. Somehow, we have to get all Americans together in open, honest discussions, about everything that creates the animosity tearing America apart. It would really require a supernatural effort. Maybe we cannot all “love” each other. How about some kind of suspension of suspicion? Hate, fear and other “negative emotions” have a place in this world. They should only be directed against everyone trying to create chaos for the personal power to rule everybody. That statement is “a mouthful” as the old folks used to say. The ramifications are monumental. Actual education can help “misinformation” to fail. Today is the day to stop lying to each other about things we do not understand. Identify, distill, what is true and what cannot provide real evidence, in support of claims that divide us. Perhaps, only some, Americans can begin to agree on the things and situations that are right and what justified goals we can begin to go forward with. Everyone has an opinion. That was, and will be true. Drop the rhetoric, please. Here is a simple observation of “renewable energy” that makes people argue about “green energy”. We have heated discussions about they can / should be: Firewood is renewable until the Forrest is gone.
      Will windmills or water wheels (simple start) ever provide steady, 24 / 7 / 365 dependable power? No, is the true answer. How long does a solar panel work before it must be replaced? Different manufacturers will give different answers. When solar panels are first put into use a 100% output is debatable and graded on a “bell curve”. Every one decreases over time and other factors, rain, snow, clouds, night, wear and tear, wiring and insulation or their connections… Does anyone recycle solar panels? Check the landfills. Most go there. Recycling plastics? It is not easy for the process to work, again check the landfills… I am not saying to abandon all efforts in those areas. I am still talking about those perfect plans, they never are perfect. If we cannot agree on things without bad attitudes involved, how good is “good enough”? Can we forgive each other and work for better solutions, effective solutions or just agree that even the bad ideas might have a place in our present and future?

    3. vladimir: No bribes, they just get promised rewards for our obedience to NWO, same as we get from them, except their promises cost us much more.


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