Trump Says New Conservative Host Should be Fired from ‘The View’

    Alyssah Farah Griffin on GMA via screenshot

    Trump has a heavy opinion about “The View’s” latest additions.

    The former President slammed his former communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin and called for her to be fired from ABC’s daytime political talk show.

    “Alyssa Farah totally misrepresented her true feelings about me and the Trump Administration in order to get her job at ratings disaster CNN, and a seat with the low IQ people at The View,” Trump said in a Truth Social post.

    “Look at what she said about me, and that doesn’t include the beautiful letter she sent and other statements she made. They should fire her for misrepresentation or fraud. Release the letter, Alyssa!”

    Trump also referenced a number of tweets from Griffin where she said it was the “honor of a lifetime” working for his administration. However, since her departure from the White House Griffin has publicly turned on her former boss and was named a new panelist for “The View” over the summer, filling Meghan McCain’s seat.

    Griffin has faced accusations from both sides of the political aisle that she’s shifted her own political views to gain notoriety.


    1. Trump should stop trying to control everyone else in the world. We have enough dictators in this world and we do not need anymore. If, in fact he wants to run in 2024, he should start mollifying his speech and his demeanor. A little niceness goes a lot further than pointing fingers and decrying anyone who disagrees with him. We react adversely to Biden’s “I am the ruler” talk and edicts’ we would love to see some humility and compassion and humor in our leaders


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